Tech Rima Fakih

Assistant to Colonel Ruxbundy


Tech Rima Fakih is the personal assistant to Major Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin”. Despite her appearance and youth, Rima is a capable office worker, and keeps the rat’s nest of paperwork from being overwhelming, and maintains the Colonel’s schedules and appointments.

Tech Fakih is a Regular Administrative NPC.


Rima Fakih is a recent graduate of Dunkelheim College’s Government Department where she earned an M.A. in Administration and Governance. Originally a successful model she used her looks as a means to pay her way through the planetary College. Following her graduation, she was hired as a researcher for the Center of Innovation for Science, and Technology in Dunkelheim’s government. She minored in Arabic while an undergraduate at Dunkelheim College.

When TF 29 arrived, everything fell apart. With the government in shambles, and the capital’s industry and college in rubble, she jumped at the chance to leave Dunkelheim and put her skills to practical use. She was hired into the Iron Dingoes as Major Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin”s personal assistant, and has proven capable and trustworthy. She resides on the “Brush Wolf” with the Techs, rooming with Tech Krista Breslin “Wichita” and the two have become good friends, if only because they are young women who live outside the usual command lines.

Although known as something of a clothes horse, and with a collection of clothing and shoes that is the envy of most people on the ship, she freely loans them out and is extremely friendly and liked by most everyone.

Tech Rima Fakih

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