Tech Shakira Demarkos

FIeld Agent for Field Operations


Shakira Demarkos is a skilled musician and agent for Field Operations in * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”. She is rated a Regular NPC Intelligence Operative, with supporting skills in music, dance and singing.


Daughter of Senior Tech Fernando Botero, Shakira Demarkos was raised with a love and appreciation for music and dance. She spent her early years learning both, and by the time she was a teen of fifteen, she was a able to write a well-received song “The Crystal Rose”, but failed to get good marketing for her music outside of the Iron Wheel habitat she was raised in. WHen she was twenty, she moved with her father and several half-siblings to Joshua’s Station, where he entered a half-retirement, and she became somewhat estranged.

Her husband, Antonia de la Rua Demarkos, a well-known Zero-G player, married her soon after they were introduced. Their daughter, Junior Tech Selena Demarkos was born quickly thereafter, and she settled into a quiet life as a mother, putting her career behind her. His suspicious death ten years later led her to re-examine the priorities of her life, and she was soon re-acquainted with her distant family and her estranged father. She was promoted by her father in various venues, and became fairly well-known in Joshua’s Station for her singing and unique dance styles.

When her father’s contacts led him to be recruited by both Seraphim and Taurian Intelligence, she chose to accompany him into relative exile, taking her daughter along (for her safety) with them. She has since become a low-level agent for * “The Dingoes’ Fangs” Field Operations, working cover as a singer/performer, and showing a good aptitude in ferreting-out information from her targets. Although concerned for her daughter’s care, she has groomed her to follow in her footsteps, and Selena has grown to become a good singer/performer as well, despite her young age.

Tech Shakira Demarkos

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