The Warlord

Ruler of "Death's Head"; Lord Marshal of the Brethern of the Void


In every respect, “The Warlord” is the supreme ruler of Haven, all its supporting systems in the Cluster, and its combined Militia and Pirate forces. He is outwardly a quiet and introspective person, not speaking unless he feels he has something important to say. His voice is both deep and intimidating, commanding instant respect and attention. This has only led to the rumor among the Support, that he has spoken with the “Creator”, and is one of the great pilots of the Metal Gods. The Warlord doubtless also has a great ego, as though he feels anything he says or does is therefore important because of his personal attentions.

The Warlord is given to wearing a traditional a “pirate lord’s” uniform in Court, but also wears the traditional grey BDU of the Haven Militia at other times, when needed. He is always wearing sunglasses, even at the dead of night. He is always immaculate in every sense of the word, and never appears in public unless he is spotless.

As an administrator and public figure, he is a Veteran Administrator NPC and Veteran Politician NPC. He was once a capable Mech Pilot, though years of inactivity have made him only a Regular Mech Pilot NPC. He is fluent in both English and Spanish, and speaks a few common phrases in several other languages, as well. His personal mistress, Consort Maetel Legend operates largely as his roving agent among the planet’s Marshals and leading Kindred, and is seen by many of the Support as “The Angel of His Mercy”.


Born and raised off-world, The Warlord was once known as “Quinn Harloch, the Grim”. During the chaos of the planet’s government at the turn of the millenia, he rose to lead a pirate force, and eventually took command of a large force of Haven Mecha. With relative control of the pirate’s fleet assets, he managed to gain enough support in a coup to remove all other threats to his leadership, and assumed the position of Warlord. To many among the Support, he is seen as something of a “Hero”, bringing the previous chaos to order without undue damage to the planet’s infrastructure or its lesser population. His rule has been somewhat enlightened.

Since his rise to power, he has proven himself a political and trade genius, overseeing an isolated colony into a thriving world better than it was a generation ago. He has, however, also allowed his personal addictions to make him into something of an introspective loner, giving speeches over the limited holo-network and standard com-bands, proclaiming the coming era as “…a glorious time where our lost Haven shall become a beacon to the lost states of the Periphery…”. Oddly enough, native-born Support believe him, and see him as something of a prophet.

Despite his personal failings and taciturn nature, his natural charisma and charm shine through. His leadership has led to advances in farming, planetary mining and industrial efforts, and even the recent tribute paid to him by Colonel “White Death”, which has led to technological breakthroughs. His personal raids have netted valuable equipment and technology for the planet’s mines and factories, improving output even more. His ultimate accomplishment, is the development of the PRV-4 Privateer.

The planet’s Support, however oppressed one might see them from off-world, have sufficient to eat, relatively modern access to housing, entertainment and work facilities, and are able to lead relatively carefree lives as long as they don’t rock the boat that is Haven. Where much of the border regions of the Periphery are under constant horror of the raids of Reavers, the population of Haven are comfortable. Despite his delusions and madness, the bulk of the citizens of Haven respect him and his administration.

The Warlord

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