Trooper Shane Vansen "Queen of Diamonds"

Dingoes Karnov VTOL Pilot


Trooper Shane Vansen is a capable technician, having served on the assembly lines in the Deadwood Munitions Plant. She has since gone on to expand her skills as a tech, and become one of the pilots of a Karnov UR Transport in “Gray Ghosts” Group of * “The Iron Dingoes”.

Trooper Vansen is a Regular VTOL Pilot NPC, and though still in training, she should soon qualify as a Green Aero Pilot NPC. In addition to her passing experience as a technician, Shane has expressed an interest in formally piloting an AeroSpace Fighter. She spends her spare time running missions on the VR Pods on the Dingoes Den.


As a child, Shane and her younger sisters watched from a crawl-space in their family home, as troopers loyal to Lt. Colonel Carla “Razor” Chestine broke into their house and executed her parents. Since that time, she has done her best to be a “mother” to her two sisters, though her hatred for Colonel Chestine’s reign of terror on Claybrooke was the primary driving force in her life.

Shane joined the escaping prisoners from the Deadwood Munitions Plants, and managed to get transit off-world along with her sisters, as dependents in the Snow Dusters. When that unit was absorbed into the Iron Dingoes prior to their arrival on Heroditus, she quickly managed to get a coveted seat as one of the unit’s Karnov VTOL pilots, using her skills as a WorkMech pilot to her advantage. She has now found a new family to devote her efforts to, and is able to step away from continually looking-out for her two growing sisters, though she still checks on them occasionally and ensures they are protected.

Known as the “Queen of Diamonds” among the troopers of Cerberus Command, Shane has made no secret of her desire to one day serve as a reserve AeroSpace pilot in * “The Iron Dingoes”. She trains hard to achieve enough skills and training to move forward in her chosen career, and shows great promise, despite her relative youth. She is fiercely loyal to the Iron Dingoes, and sees it as more than a place to work, but rather as her adopted family.

Her two sisters, Tech Anna Vansen and Tech Lorelai Vansen “Rory” are still friendly with her, though Anna is her younger twin and has her own new-born daughter, Monica. Anna refuses to acknowledge who the father might be.

Trooper Shane Vansen "Queen of Diamonds"

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