Aegira Technologies

Important Inner Sphere Corporation


Founded in 2844, Aegira Technologies is a small production company formerly based in the Draconis Combine. The company maintained various diverse interests in their homeland, but are best known for their development of a line of ceramic junpdrive parts, and their production of a synthetic food algae. The company also produces small arms, super conductors, super alloys, terra-forming gases, and toxic waste. They import copper sulfides, niobium, base alloys, optical chips, MOX, water, oxygen, polymers and hydrocarbons.

The corporation is known to have an open enmity with the Lane Hackers and the Xenos, both dangerous pirate groups within the Draconis Combines periphery regions. They also remain on good terms with various shipping firms; Interspace Commerce, Deep Space Engineering, and a variety of corporations located in the former Terran Hegemony.

In System – Dumassas, their interests include;


The Essentials company produces Aegira Technologies own brand of algae. Manufactured in traditional aqua tanks, their algae is distributed in silicate capsules, and is well-known among Combine spacer crews as an important food-additive. The company has recently opened a small production facility on the outskirts of Ciudad Garcia.


Plainsman Clays Limited was taken over by Aegira Technology in 3027. It is a world-famous clay mining and processing company, producing brick, pipe, tile, pottery and stoneware, based in Ciudad Garcia. The company’s principal mining site is located along the northern and eastern edge of the Gaucho Plains, though they also have interests in the nearby Guaviare District, along the Rio Verdi Valley.


Keystone Technologies is the core of Aegira’s corporate development and production facilities. The company long ago developed a series of standard ceramic replacement parts for most jump-drives, and was the focus of their initial development and success.

The bulk of these development and production facilities moved to Dumassas in mid-3028, and are slated to begin production once their production complex is constructed, and their equipment installed by late-3029, to early-3030. The company has already established a parts supply contract with Excalibur Corporation, as well as various local governments who operate their own JumpShips in support of their own trade, using a cache of spare parts brought with them from their former holdings. Once established, Keystone Technologies will take over as their primary manufacturing focus once more.



Aegira Technologies was founded in 2844 with the successful development of a new series of ceramic Jumpdrive parts, and within 35 years they were mass-producing critical Jumpdrive components. By 2944, the company had introduced a new ceramic coil that reduced the cost of jumpdrives and made the company billions.

The company sells its JumpShip parts almost exclusively to the Draconis Combine military, but in recent years, has been shipping components and products into the Outworld’s Alliance and the Taurian Concordat in an effort to improve their market share over their rivals in Keshiro Technologies. Their claim to fame includes biotech (namely synthetic food algae) and electronics (Jumpdrive parts).

Over the last few years, the corporation has been known to trade into System – Dumassas on an increasingly regular basis. Speculation is rampant as to what, exactly, they might be trading, but they have managed to keep it secret for some years. They have also thrown their financial support behind Mech Stable – “The Wraiths”, and its employees are known to frequent arena fights whenever they are in-system.

The company’s hostile acquisition of Plainsmen Clays Limited in 3027 was questionable, but the company continues to operate largely without any outside direction from Aegria Technologies. Increasingly, however, traffic of Aegira corporate personnel has been noted as arriving in-system over the last year, making many question their intentions.

In mid-3028, the company announced its opening of an industrial complex in the port-town of Solano, across the lake from Ciudad Garcia, and within months, had shipped the bulk of its manufacturing personnel and equipment to the capital for development of this new facility.

Aegira Technologies

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