Aegis Dynamics

Small scale production AeroSpace comapny



Aegis Dynamics

Originally built to provide the Ramshackle Empire with a variety of aerospace resources, Aegis Dynamics continues the small-scale development of K-1 DropShuttles for local consumption.


Most industrial production on System – Drellesarr is small-scale workshops and rarely anything close to an Inner Sphere manufacturing line. Aegis Dynamics is the sole exception, a firm that originally rose to prominance during the Ramshackle Empire, its numerous aircraft and AeroShuttles becoming synonymous with that ruthless realm.

After the fall of the Star League, most of Aegis’ military contracts were stripped, and the company seemed destined for bankruptcy, with massive layoffs. However, Aegis concentrated on the one thing that the Periphery realms needed; multi-purpose shuttlecraft. The company salvaged most of its other lines and adopted the K-1 Class Dropshuttle as its sole production vehicle. The company’s signature vehicle, the “Retaliator”, a 40-ton strike boat, has had its lines mothballed and doesn’t see present production.

Today, the company manufactures the DropShuttles for widespread use as a deep-space transport and cargo hauler. Their production is low, compared to an Inner Sphere company, but still produce one every seven months or so, often using contraband components. Known as “Mercenary Cutters”, they are a popular vehicle among independent mercenary companies for their own personal transport, especially since their acquisition is actually somewhat reasonable, and the large cargo bay can be easily adapted to house a few platoons of infantry and their vehicles.

Aegis Dynamics

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