Air Mobile Field Hospital

Air Mobile Role 3 Medical Facility


An Air Mobile Field Hospital provides everything available in a typical brick-and-mortar hospital (Role 4 Facility), but in a compact, climate-controlled mobile medical facility. As a self-contained facility, it provides an environment that will duplicate a hospital operating room in the event of a disaster. These mobile field hospitals are quickly deployed and set-up to provide fast relief to communities and military actions.

Equipment Rating : B-C-B
Cost/Reload : 28,000,000 Cs
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 420 tons (84 × 5-ton standard modules).

Notes : Assembled facility with full personnel can provide Level 4 health care to a typical regimental-sized infantry unit (roughly 1000 soldiers and support staff). Maintenance = 10,000 Cs of supplies per day of full operation.


Each Air Mobile Field Hospital is considered a full medical facility, complete with surgical theaters, convalescent wards for up to 50 individuals, and nursing facilities for long-term care. Usually found on important strategic assets like Overlord-Class DropShips, these sorts of facilities are traditionally equipped at the regimental level for medical care.

These facilities can typically provide emergency services for roughly two-dozen major operations each day (in four separate ORs), and long-term, intensive care for up to fifty (50) patients. They are also capable of serving 200+ each day as outpatients. Mobile Field Hospitals also have the capacity for limited laboratory services, integral water purification, and usually have two container-sized 1250 KwH fusion generators available to ensure an independent power supply.

The facility requires twenty-one medical tech squads (roughly 60-70 medical-trained personnel) to operate efficiently, but are usually supported by a half-dozen administrative squads and various security personnel. Air and ground assets to facilitate logistics of the facility, are usually the responsibility of regimental supply services.



Typical Convalescent Ward

Multiple units of a Mobile Field Hospital can be interconnected by a corridor and act as a cohesive unit. The units are attached via a patent-pending airlock system providing a clean, sterile environmental-seal throughout the entire medical facility. A typical 84-unit hospital is a 50-bed facility. Each unit offers nearly 300 square meters, allowing for efficient work-flow and a variety of configurations.

Two or more of these mobile medical units can interconnect to create a larger and complete, multi-use surgical and health care facility that provides a hospital environment with all of the required supporting services. The units can be configured in different ways based on space availability with each unit completely interchangeable with each other.

The units are connected by a corridor and air lock system that allows movement from any point in the field hospital to another without going outside. All of the interlocking mobile surgical units are self-contained and operate independently or can interact with one another when placed as a cohesive unit. They can also be linked and serviced by a full utility inter-connected air-controlled and computer infrastructure.

The mobile field hospital provides the technology found in a typical modern hospital (Role 4), but allows you to deploy all of these services directly to the combat or disaster area. Depending on a unit’s specific needs, the mobile hospital system can be designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the community, district or country it will be servicing.

Rapid Deployment : Designed for rapid deployment in the case of emergency, the entire facility is broken-down into eighty-four (84) “modules”, each fitting inside a traditional Standard (5-ton) Cargo Container and transportable either by Heavy Tactical Utility Truck, or as freight aboard air transports such as the DC-3D “Condor” STOL Air Transport. Only a few hours after arrival, deployed medical teams can begin providing triage care as the remainder of the hospital is being installed. With all units fully operational in less than a day, the Air Mobile Field Hospital is considered the ultimate rapid deployment emergency medical facility.

Air Mobile Field Hospital

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