AMS - Anti-Missile System

LosTech Weapons System


Introduced : 2617 (Terran Hegemony)

Extinct : 2796 (Inner Sphere)

The Anti-Missile System (AMS) is essentially a rapid-fire, machine gun specifically used in a point-defense role. Designed to track, engage and destroy incoming missile clusters, the system proved effective enough for mass production, but is a terrible ammunition-hog. Attempts to offset this using flechettes instead of slugs have proven inconclusive. While it allows for greater ammunition capacity, consumption still remains high, plus the higher tech needed to supply them makes them impractical. Despite this, anti-missile systems in space combat had proven valuable, where even larger classes of teh system can suffer from a cloud of point-defense fire.

Particualrly popular in Inner Sphere anti-missile system models, were the Coventry MetalWorks’ SureFire 444, the _Yori ‘Mech Works’ Flyswatter", Mitchell Vehicles’ McArthur AMS and the Voelkers Parasol produced by Corean Enterprises. These systems all weigh half-a-ton, and pack enough ammunition in a single ammo bay for up to twelve volleys, based on traditional consumption rates.


Tech Rating : Inner Sphere

Unit Restrictions : None.

Game Rules : Anti-missile systems are automatic, and are considered active even if the pilot/crew is considered incapable of action in combat, but will not function if the engine is shutdown.

Construction Rules : Units may mount multiple AMS, but must follow core construction rules for the unit regarding ammunition placement and such. Though classed as a heavy weapon, the AMS is an automatic system, and does not require gunners on any location or any unit type.

Early development of this technology has no restrictions on its use or deployment, beyond basic unit costs and ammunition supply.

AMS - Anti-Missile System

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