Angel Light Strike Fighter


Angel (A-21) Light Strike Fighter (10 tons)

Chassis : Andurien NGL
Power Plant : Hermes 100 AeroFusion
Cruise Speed : 105.6 kph (10)
Flank Speed : 165.9 kph (15)

Armor : Durallex Light (Armor Factor 8) : 0.5 tons
Front – 2
Right Side – 2
Left Side – 2
Rear – 2

Armament :
One (1) Irian Weapons Works Class-4 SRM Pack (Nose)
Ammo (SRM) : 25 (Body)

Manufacturer : Andurien AeroTech, Lopez (Free World’s League).
Communications System : Lassitor 2MA
Targeting and Tracking System : IMB Hawkeye 30

Note : Cost = 265,000 Cs.


Overview : Although BattleMechs and AeroSpace Fighters tend to dominate the battlefields of land, air and space, conventional fighters have long formed the backbone of air defense for far more worlds in the Inner Sphere than the arm-chair generals tend to credit. With so many worlds possessing the industrial capacity to produce their own conventional fighters, the variety of these craft are rather impressive, with a few universal standards set by the likes of the Guardian, the ’Mechbuster and the Boeing Jump Bomber, the Angel Light Strike Fighter, a Star League-era introduction from the Free Worlds League, is a popular example of a conventional fighter that has become a household name across the Inner Sphere.

Capabilities : Initially produced during the heyday of the Star League, the Angel is a somewhat rare breed in conventional fighter designs. Weighing in at only 10 tons, it is powered by a fusion-heated turbine, rather than the traditional ICE turbines generally favored by conventional fighter manufacturers. Though seen by many planetary procurement offices as an expensive extravagance, the Hermes 100 AeroFusion plant provides incredible thrust, making it one of the most maneuverable fighters in atmospheric combat, providing it the perfect ability to perform fast strikes and reconnaissance missions. Unfortunately, the light nature of its airframe makes the Angel eschew heavy armor, and making it impractical as a dogfighter, though its nose-mounted SRM-pack provides a potent sting against other light fighters and ground vehicles.

Deployment : During the Golden Age of the Star League when the Angel was first introduced, Andurien AeroTech managed to procure numerous purchase orders from across the Inner Sphere and Periphery, spreading the design across known space. Because of this , when Capellan forces destroyed the Lopez complex in the early SUccession Wars, the Angel survived in the form of numerous copycat models, such as the Federated Suns Comet (produced today by Lycomb-Davion IntroTech ) and the Lyran-made Owl (produced by Shipil of Skye ). By the time the Lopez facilities were rebuilt, manufacturers in all five Great Houses had begun their own production lines for this fighter.

Of course, the Hermes 100 AeroFusion engine (and foreign equivalents) has prevented light strike fighters stamped from the Angel’s mold from maintaining the popularity of combustion-powered conventional fighters during the Succession Wars.


Husky Heavy Industries “Krypto”

Variants : Over the centuries, there have been many inor variations on the Angel’s basic design, most altering the craft’s weapons load or expeirmenting with less-expensive turbine engines. Among the most successful are the slower Kurita-made Suzume ( “Sparrow” ), which trades the Hermes 100 for a Shinobi 70 Turbine, swaps out the SRM for a Longfire V SRM, and adds fifty percent more armor to the fighter’s wings. The Lyran-made Angel variant, dubbed the Owl II, retains its fusion engine, but exchanges the SRM for a nose-mounted medium laser, two wing-mounted small lasers, and an extra ton of fuel to improve its operational range.

* Husky Heavy Industries produces a fairly capable version of this conventional fighter, known as the “Krypto”, that has all the usual flight characteristics, but is modified to deploy the Taurian Shannon Four missile system, imported from the Illiushin system.

Angel Light Strike Fighter

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