ARC-2R Archer

Heavy Support Mech


ARC-2R Archer (70 tons)

Chassis : Earthwerks ARC
Power Plant : VOX 280
Cruise Speed : 43.5 kph (4)
Flank Speed : 65.8 kph (6)
Jump Jets : None
Jump Capacity : None

Armor : Maximillian 100 (Armor Factor 208) : 13.0 tons
Head – 3/9
Center Torso – 22/33
Rear – 10
Right Torso – 15/24
Rear – 6
Left Torso – 15/24
Rear – 6
Right Arm – 11/22
Left Arm – 11/22
Right Leg – 15/26
Left Leg – 15/26

Armament :
Four (4) Diverse Optics Medium Lasers (RA, LA, CT-R-)
Two (2) Doombud LRM-20 Racks (RT, LT)
Ammo (LRM) : 12 (RT, LT)

Communications System : Neil 9000
Targeting & Tracking System : RCA Instatrac Mark XII

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/3 : y : n : n : 90 : 7 : 31 : 5 : 10 : +1 : y : y



Overview : The Archer with its low-slung torso, massive fists, and missile-bay covers, has one of the most easily recognizable BattleMech profiles. Designed for heavy-hitting, long-range brawling, and fire support, production commenced in 2474, and despite the carnage of the Succession Wars the Archer continues to be produced to this day.

Capabilities : The core of the Archer’s firepower is a pair of massive Doombud LRM-20 launchers supplied with four tons of ammunition. Though powerful, the missile’s inaccuracy at short range necessitated the addition of four medium lasers, two rear facing and one mounted in each arm. Enlarged hand actuators not only allowed the design to perform devastating physical attacks, but also to carry captured supplies away during raids.

The Archer is one of the few BattleMechs whose cockpit is located below the central torso, giving the pilot a battlefield perspective quite different from the traditional cockpit position. The armor protection is excellent, and with the torso armor belt located above the cockpit area, it further protects the gyro and engine housings. When first produced, most pilots employed the missile bay covers in the closed position, allowing its true capabilities to be concealed, leading many to assume it was a “brawler” designed for close-in hand-to-hand work. Over time this pretense became pointless, as the Archer’s capabilities became so well-known. The Archer is so old and well-known that there are few new tricks developed by Archer pilots, though this has not dulled the Mech’s reputation in the slightest.

Deployment : Six factories continue to produce the Archer, with a number of these also building house specific variations. Over a hundred thousand of the 2R models were built prior to the Succession Wars, as were tens of thousands over the past few centuries since. Though many have been destroyed, large numbers have survived to spread across the Inner Sphere and the Periphery.

Variants : Numerous variants of the Archer exist. The Steiner 2S version downgrades the LRM-20s to LRM-15s and adds a pair of SRM-4 packs in their place. Wolf’s Dragoons use a similar variant dubbed the 2W, which reduces the armor by three tons and drops the rear-mounted medium lasers.

In widespread use with the DCMS and the Royal KungsArme, the 2K variant is more radical. It sacrifices two tons of armor, the medium lasers, and replaces the Doombud launchers with FarFire 15 racks in exchange for a pair of arm-mounted large lasers and two additional heat sinks.

ARC-2R Archer

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