Ares Pulse Fire

Ares Laser Rifle


The Pulse Laser Rifle is a pulse-fire energy weapon which provides a significant improvement over traditional Laser Rifles because firing the weapon in bursts of “pulses” preserves energy while inflicting more damage with multiple strikes. However, high cost and scarcity limit this weapon to the wealthy few organizations who can afford it.

Equipment Rating : D-B-D
AP/BD : 3E/3
Range : 40/130/275/595
Shots : 4 PPS
Cost/Reload : 2000/1 Cs
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 5.0 kg/-

Notes : Burst 10, Recoil 10.



The Ares Pulse Fire has been consistently developed since its initial release nearly fifty years ago, and should be considered a modern laser rifle. The pulse technology reduces the thermal energy produced by the weapon, though the effect has minimal effect to the user in combat situations.

The weapon is traditionally powered by a high-capacity military power pack, but can be deployed using smaller satchel batteries and standard charged power packs in need.

While the company depends on Zaltonic Electronics Z-100 Rechargeable Battery Packs (20 Cs, 2 kgs, 100 PP) for deployment, produced in The Free-City of Von Doom’s Downport. The Ares Pulse Fire is produced in limited numbers in The Free-City of Von Lord, from the Ares Wartronics production facilities, mostly for planetary space marine forces, as well as export to various off-world sources.

Ares Pulse Fire

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