Armadyne Industries

Most important mega-corporation in Terramatrix


Armadyne is a multi-national corporation that is active in many fields, notably robotics, advanced medical devices, and construction of orbital stations. It employs over twenty thousand people in over fifty separate locations across the planet.


Trade Symbol : ArmaDyne
Home Office : System – Dumassas
President/CEO : Johnathon Carlyle
Founding Date : December 6th, 2026

Armadyne is a Davion mega-corporation specializing in Robotics, Zero-Gravity, Megastructure Construction, and multi-generational planning; although its efforts in Terramatrix are limited to its lesser developments of small arms production, munitions development and medical research and supplies. In addition to its headquarters located in The Free-City of Von Doom’s Downport, Armadyne has several factories around the world; San Marcos, Buntar, and Von Lord, and they were also planning to build a Stanford Torus above their spaceport known as “Elysium”. The financial costs of such an effort, however, could never be fully justified, and it remains only a series of blueprints and cost/profit analyses in their research database. On Terramatrix, Armadyne employs twenty thousand employees working in over fifty (50) Armadyne facilities, they are the leading and largest mega-corporation on Terramatrix.

The present CEO of Armadyne is Johnathon Carlyle, a staunch Davion citizen who holds an MBA and two PhDs from Kilbourne Acadamy, and is a skilled researcher and administrative leader. Carlyle was the lead designer of the SABRE Defensive Systems, developing a series of small arms assault rifles and pistols that employ “smart gun” technology, linking them with their owners via a direct neural link. This technology has been expanded to develop the Neurohelmet “Blueline”-Class.

In-system, the company develops raw resources, sells a line of HK 416 Assault Rifles and HIEX Grenade NT-RU735s to local and nearby interests, produces LM Meteor and LRM-65 Maverick missiles, basic robotics components (primarily power cores), and both common medicines and combat medical supplies, best represented with its Armadyne AM-226 Medical Field Kits and Armadyne AM-446 Surgical Field Kits. It is easily the largest manufacturing company in Von Doom, and has a great deal of political clout, though it rarely uses it.


Military Forces

While the exact forces deployed by Armadyne are fairly restricted, they are known to deploy advanced special operations marines when threatened by outside or rival forces. These troops are typically armed with Pit Bull Combat Armor and Vector SMGs, all produced from off-world, though munitions are locally manufactured. Most smaller facilities are typically equipped with a squad or two of these troops, who are well-skilled in anti-terrorist operations. Larger facilities, such as their main complex outside Von Doom City.



Armadyne Industries was founded in 2026 by top industrialists and generals of the Earth. With huge investments due to cutting edge technology Armadyne quickly expanded throughout Terra itself building facilities in all continents that mainly produced military goods and supplied to the growing planetary government..

With the rise of space mining and the historical flight of the first few colony ships, the Armadyne Research and Development facilities started experimenting with space weapons and space minerals. In 2190 a huge corporate investment in to space had been made and with the CEO’s long term goal of reaching space and contributing to the ever growing interest and ever increasing profit Armadyne launched in to Space setting their first office in Mars and beginning production with the resources found in Mars to supply the terraformed planet. Production from plastic to water supplies, everything was collaborated with the government thus incredible corporate gains were made both politically and monetarily.

With the propulsion of humanity to space further expansions expanded our known universe even further. Meanwhile Armadyne was producing military grade space weapons as early as 2300. The developing Hegemony government procured many of Armadyne’s weapons and non-military products. In 2358 the biggest Stiener investors, Klaus and Werner in Armadyne suddenly pulled their stock out and sold it very cheap which led to a crash of stock market value in the company. These Stiener billionaires started soon to invest in their own company and stole many of the blueprints and data from Armadyne to propel their own ambitious company in to a high industry standard.

Until the year 2430, Armadyne declined and finally called in bankruptcy. One of the leading companies was doomed due to a backstabbing scheme. Meanwhile the new House Steiner company called Klaus & Werner rose to prominence with their military weapon designs and attracted the Steiner politicians to push their government to seize Armadyne’s assets in their territory. By 2480, after decades of struggle, Armadyne abandoned its efforts, and held onto their assets in Davion space, forcing them to accept a much smaller focus in their investments and production.

A 200 year long business plan was set up. Ever ambitious, Armadyne with its few remaining 170.000 Davion employees set up all their resources and shut down all unnecessary facilities of production and trading. Armadyne started to invest in periphery colonies, seeing them as a means of acquiring cheap resources, and took a special interest in micro-gravity mining and construction. Many Periphery colonies saw Armadyne as a company they could trade with, and their colonial outposts began to propel company profits and over time, aided the financial recovery of the company to the marketplace. They even managed to win supply contracts with their old rivals in Klaus & Werner.

The year 2746 was when Armadyne managed to secure a valuable trade contract with the Davion government, supplying munitions to a nation that was entering a golden age of technology and peace. Its industrial complex became more and more dominated by military goods, though it could never compete completely with companies like Federated-Boeing or Federated Arms.

Hundreds of years passed and many wars have been fought across the Inner Sphere, with Armadyne always lurking in the background, though it usually dominates the Periphery worlds it has attached itself to. It is known as an important company, but never a prestigious one. Over the past three hundred years, the company has always striven to maximize its profits, sometimes bringing it into conflict in the political arena, but seems to have no outward political aims.

In 2944, Armadyne began to change its focus, placing its emphasis more on resources and industrial production than military arms production, but still supplies various military production companies with their raw materials. Trade with the border worlds, remains a big factor in the company structure as most of their income comes through those sectors.

Throughout the 3024 Small War and resulting civil disturbances, Armadyne stayed intact and made profits through its sale of munitions to the allied nations of Von Doom. With the collapse of its markets in San Marcos and Tragnar, the company has expanded its export of munitions to anyone who can pay, including its former enemy states, and as a result have done quite well. Their medical supplies are used almost universally across the system, and recent delving into the Neurohelmet “Blueline”-Class technology has also reaped benefits, as modern tanks and BattleMechs increasingly demand their use, though quantities remain limited in production. Armadyne’s influence has been somewhat diminished in the Hyades Region, and remains a key fixture among the other corporate entities of Terramatrix.

Armadyne Industries

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