Armored Shield


The Armored Shield, often simply abbreviated “Shield”, is a movable piece of armor mounted on BattleMechs and IndustrialMechs arm actuators. The Shield was first introduced as a method to add protection for a MechWarrior fighting against the militias and militaries of various Warlords scattered across the System – Dumassas. Shields are the primary defensive equipment pilots can employ to protect Mechs from weapons and some forms of physical attacks.

It was initially developed in * “The Iron Dingoes Skunkwerks”, in mid-3026, and soon thereafter was produced on select BattleMechs as a form of defensive equipment when applied for by proven and skilled pilots within * “The Iron Dingoes” own organization.

The Shield allows a MechWarrior to redirect damage from certain parts of their BattleMech to their Shield. A BattleMech’s tactical computer can be adjusted to have the shield provide various degrees of active defensive protection. While fully active, the shield will prevent any sections it protects from firing it’s arm- or torso-mounted weapons. This leaves only the head, legs and rear sections to fire any mounted weapons.


Shield Sizes

BattleMech Shield List

Name/Size (Tons) : Damage Absorbance (DA) : Damage Capacity (DC) : Shield Bashing Modifier (SBM) : Movement Restrictions
Shield, Light (2 tons) : 3 : 11 : (-2) : (None)
Shield, Medium (4 tons) : 5 : 18 : (-3) : (-1 Movement)
Shield, Heavy (6 tons) : 7 : 25 : (-4) : (-1 Movement, No Jumping)


All sizes of a Shield can only be mounted in arm actuator locations for only IndustrialMechs and BattleMechs. Missing Hand and Arm Actuators reduce Damage Absorbance and Damage Capacity of any shield size by 1. Shields are “hard-mounted” during the construction of a BattleMech, and any movement reduction, should be calculated against the effective base speed of the unit. Only Medium and Heavy Shields slow or impede a BattleMech’s movement, while Small Shields have no such restriction.

Shields are recorded during construction, when weapons, ammunition and other equipment is allocated to the Mech. Each Shield occupies internal slots based on their size; 1 for Light, 2 for Medium, and 3 for Heavy. Costs for construction are 32,000 Cs, 65,000 Cs, 100,000Cs respective of the Shield’s size.

Combat Rules

Shields absorb and reflect damage from the general attacks of weapons and some physical attacks. A successful attack against an area protected by a shield, subtracts any attack damage against the shield’s DA value. For example, a Medium Laser strikes an arm mounting a Small Shield (DA Value 3). 3 damage points are absorbed by the Shield, while 2 damage points are applied to the arm. 1 damage point is subtracted from the Shield’s DC.

If the damage value applied to a Shield is greater than its DA, any remaining damage is recorded as normal. After any damage is recorded, one (1) point is subtracted from the Shield DC. Once a Shield’s DC or DA is reduced to zero (0), the Shield is no longer functional. When weapons deploy using a “cluster table”, it is recorded as normal, with damage to any area a Shield was protecting applying as above. Damage is tallied per missile or other projectile, not as a total damage value. Shields cannot protect from Charge attacks, Death-from-Above attacks, Falling Damage, damage from Buildings, Heat-Effect Related damage, and damage from any form of Minefield.

Critical Hits

A successful Critical Hit to a Shield location will reduce the its DA by 1, and it’s DC by 5. Any Critical Hit to a Mech’s arm actuators, also reduces its DA by 1 and its DC by 1. Critical Hits to shoulder actuators reduce these values by double the standard value; DA by 2, and DC by 2.

Destruction of a Shield

If a Shield’s DA/DC is reduced to zero (0), the Shield will still remain part of the BattleMech’s arm, and continues to inflict movement modifiers until the arm itself is destroyed.

Shield Modes : Shields have two modes of operations while in game play;

Active Defense Mode (ADM) : With this mode, the Shield Arm(s) are actively protecting the shield arm itself, and the Mech’s side-torso on which the Shield is attached. The Center Torso, Head, Rear Torsos, Legs and the opposing Arm and Torso are not protected. Protected sections can not conduct any Weapons or Physical attacks while shield is in Shield is in Active Defense Mode.

Passive Defense Mode (PDM) : This mode allows use of mounted weapons and equipment at a +1 modifier to its attacks rolls. It provides no defensive bonus to the BattleMech in this mode. The Shield Bash attack can be used while in Passive Mode.

Shield Bash (Special Attack)

While in Passive Mode, the Shield can be used in a physical attack as a weapon. The Shield Bash Modifier (listed above) is applied against any bonus from the piloting skill of the MechWarrior. On a successful hit with a Shield Bash, the pilot will use the “Hatchet Hit Location Tables” to determine where the damage will be applied. Shield Bash damage uses the Shield’s current Damage Absorbance. The Shield Bash attack does not benefit from a BattleMech-mounted enhancing equipment such as AES or TSM.


The Armored Shield is an internally developed technology for * “The Iron Dingoes”, from * “The Iron Dingoes Skunkwerks” program. The technology was implemented, in a very limited fashion, starting around mid-3026.

Armored Shield

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