AS7-D Atlas

Ultimate Assault Mech


AS7-D Atlas (100 tons)

Chassis : Foundation Type 10X

Power Plant : Vlar 300
Cruise Speed : 32.6 kph (3)
Flank Speed : 54.9 kph (5)
Jump Jets : None
Jump Capacity : None
Heat Sinks : 20

Armor : Durallex Special Heavy (Armor Factor 304) : 19.0 tons
Head – 3/9
Center Torso – 31/47
Rear – 14
Right Torso – 21/32
Rear – 10
Left Torso – 21/32
Rear – 10
Right Arm – 17/34
Left Arm – 17/34
Right Leg – 21/41
Left Leg – 21/41

Armament :
One (1) Defiance Mech Hunter AC/20 (RT)
Ammo (AC) : 10 (RT)
One (1) FarFire Maxi-Rack LRM-20 (LT)
Ammo (LRM) : 12 (LT)
Four (4) Defiance B3M Medium Lasers (RA, LA, 2xCT-R)
One (1) TharHes Maxi SRM-6 (LT)
Ammo (SRM) : 15 (LT)

Manufacturer : Defiance Industries, Hesperus II, Lyran Commonwealth; Yori MechWorks, Al Na’ir, Draconis Combine; Independence Weaponry, Quentin, Federated Suns.
Communications System : Angst Discom
Targeting & Tracking System : Angst Accuracy

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/1 : y : n : n : 90 : 7 : 28 : 4 : 8 : – : y : n.

Notes : This Mech can communicate with targets in orbit of its designated world.


Overview : When General Aleksandr Kerensky laid down the design specifications for the Atlas, he said it should be “…a ’Mech as powerful as imaginable, as impenetrable as possible, and as foreboding as conceivable, so that fear itself will be our ally…”. With the Regular army increasingly concerned with the growing strength of the House Lord’s personal armies, a new and powerful Mech was needed. Despite the coming war and the abandonment of the Inner Sphere by General Kerensky and most of the SLDF, the atlas served its purpose.

Capabilities : The first impression any spectator gets of the Atlas is its ferocious appearance. The famous skull-head took designers a full year to perfect, and although there are taller Mechs on the field, none of them have the sheer presence of the Atlas.

As an assault Mech, the Atlas has few peers. The largest long-range missile launcher available sits in the left torso, giving the Atlas a powerful long-range punch. As the Mech closes, it can bring a bevy of deadly weapons to bear, the most fearsome of which is the massive Defiance Mech Hunter AC/2 in the right torso, with enough ammunition to decimate an entire company of Mechs. The cannon is backed by a six-tube short-range missile system and a pair of medium lasers covering all sides of the Mech. Twenty heat sinks give the Atlas the freedom to use this firepower, and most MechWarriors are fearful of this Mech for very deserved reasons.

Very few if any BattleMechs carry more armor than the Atlas, and a complete set of actuators (including hands) give the Mech frightful physical combat capabilities. There are myths among MechWarriors of the Atlas actually picking up lighter Mechs and breaking hem like toys.

If the Atlas has any weakness it would be its slow speed. Although other assault Mechs are as slow, the fact that an Atlas is easily escaped is the hope most MechWarriors have when they face such a machine.

Deployment : Although it was built for the Star League, almost all of the Atlases built during that era remained when General Kerensky vanished. Since then, production has continued to supply the Successor States military. It is most often used as a command vehicle for senior commanders, although several common MechWarriors use them in assault lances as well.

Variants : Most militaries are oath to tamper with the Atlas for the simple reason that it seems nearly perfect in its role already. Attempted modifications generally fail since most engineers have to make too many concessions to keep the Mech functioning.

AS7-D Atlas

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