Aurora HighPort Station


Intended to become an orbital dockyard facility, The Warlord has poured funds into the development of this project. It is hoped that an orbital facility for servicing , construction and repair of interstellar vessels will assist the local system’s trade. Towards this end, developments on the planet’s surface have been sacrificed so that the orbital construction project can move forward. For now, the facility has assumed the role of providing resupply, servicing and construction efforts for the Starlords.


Presently, Aurora Highport is still largely incomplete. The central spine is effectively finished. The next components are to finish the habitation modules. Once complete, the living spaces will be connected to the ring, and the entire facility will be spun. The final form of Aurora Station will be a central non-rotating spine surrounded by a revolving cylinder containing crew quarters, recreation facilities, and work spaces. This final form is still many years in the future, and is presently little more than a central spine with a thin rotating ring and supporting modules and solar panels.


Aurora Station, also known as Aurora Highport, presently operates as the first point of contact for all incoming DropShips and shuttles to the planet. A small technical crew directs the limited planetary traffic into various holding and transit patterns, to ensure a minimal conflict in sub-orbital and close orbital traffic. It has a limited security detachment, and is largely left to its own devices, as the Support and Kindred work to bring this dream to fruition.

Aurora HighPort Station

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