AWS-8Q Awesome


AWS-8Q Awesome (80 tons)

Chassis : Technicron Type G

Power Plant : Pitban 240
Cruise Speed : 32.6 kph (3)
Flank Speed : 54.9 kph (5)
Jump Jets : None
Jump Capacity : None
Heat Sinks : 28

Armor : Durallex Heavy Special (Armor Factor 240) : 15.0 tons
Head – 3/9
Center Torso – 25/30
Rear – 119
Right Torso – 17/24
Rear – 10
Left Torso – 17/24
Rear – 10
Right Arm – 13/24
Left Arm – 13/24
Right Leg – 17/33
Left Leg – 17/33

Armament :
Three (3) Kreuss PPCs (RA, RT, LT)
One (1) Diverse Optics Type 10 Small Laser (H)

Manufacturer : Technicron Manufacturing, Savannah (Free World’s League).
Communications System : Garrett T19-G
Targeting & Tracking System : Dynatec 2780

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/1 : n : n : y : 360 : 7 : 28 : 2 : 9 : +1 : y : y.

Notes : -


Overview : Commissioned in 2665 for the Star League by Technicron Conglomerate, the Awesome’s design was based on the aging STR-2C Striker. While not as swift as its ancestor, the Awesome remains an extremely powerful assault Mech. It is not uncommon for BattleMechs to retire the field, rather than face a formation containing Awesomes. Its capabilities and battle record have made the Awesome a popular and common assault Mech in the armies of the Inner Sphere.

The Awesome is most commonly used to assault a fixed position or to breach the enemy line. They are also sought for defensive operations. MechWarrior’s piloting the Awesome can expect to be in the heaviest combat and to be tasked with obtaining the most critical objectives, or at least with guarding those same objectives from the enemy.

Capabilities : The Awesome’s capabilities rely almost exclusively on its three Kreuss Particle Projection Cannons. Supported by a heavy load of twenty-four heat sinks, the Awesome is capable of sustaining a heavy and steady barrage from its weaponry. With one-and-a-half tons additional armor compared to the Striker, the Awesome is better-protected than even the BLR-1G Battlemaster.

As with every BattleMech, even the Awesome is not without flaws. While devastating at range, it is less efficient at point-blank combat, where its PPCs have a harder time connecting with its targets. It only has a single Diverse Optics small laser and its left fist to fall back on in that situation. Its reduced mobility makes it vulnerable to flanking attacks by faster opponents with initiative, who eagerly seek to avoid the vehicle’s massive PPCs. While they face some of the thickest rear armor protection available, the lack of rear facing weapons, or of a weapon mounted in its left arm, have given many MechWarriors fighting an Awesome, the chance of victory.

When properly deployed by commanders who are aware of the vehicle’s weaknesses, formations of Awesome’s (or even those with just a few), are extremely effective and difficult to stop or defeat.

Deployment : Awesomes can be found in every House military formation. As the Free World’s League controls the only surviving manufacturing plants capable of producing the machine, it also operates with the largest number of Awesomes of any Inner Sphere military. Within the League, opinions of the Mech vary widely. Many praise its capabilities, whereas others claim its limited mobility is too great a price to pay for what it can do. Similar attitudes exist within all the Great Houses, but none are in the position to debate the point beyond academics. There are few commanders who are not eager to add an Awesome to their unit.

Variants : As with every BattleMech that relies upon energy weapons, the AWS-8Q taxes its heat sinks greatly. As a consequence, the most common and widespread variants of the Awesome, known as the 8R, replace one or two of its PPCs with a large laser and two LRM-15s. Based on the 8R, the 8T version removes five heat sinks to add another large laser. Lastly, the 8V replaces the torso-mounted PPCs, with a large laser and an LRM-15 rack. However, the lasers are no substitute for a PPC, and the addition of LRM launchers and endurance issues of ammunition-based weaponry, so variants along these lines are generally considered inferior to the 8Q configuration.

AWS-8Q Awesome

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