K-1 Class Dropshuttle “Barracuda”

Tonnage : 200
Dimensions :
Length : 28 m
Width : 22.5 m
Crew : 2
Cargo Complement : 25 tons, 34 passengers
Armament : LRM-5, 4xML, SL, 1 ton of LRM ammo
Drive System : Pratt & Whitney 400
First Introduced : 2536

Thrust : 4
Overthrust : 6
Structural Integrity : 6

Armor Factor : 192 (12 tons)
Nose – 40
RS – 25
LS – 25
Fuselage – 90
Engine – 12

Fire Factors
Nose : LRM-5, ML
Right Wing : ML
Left Wing : ML
Aft : ML, SL



Overview : The K-1 Class Dropshuttle tends to be more commonly used than the KR-61 long-range shuttle, due primarily to its higher cargo capacity and roomier interior. The craft was designed when JumpShips were plentiful and passage aboard one inexpensive. At 200 tons, the DropShuttle is the smallest space vehicle with an integral docking collar for attaching to JumpShips.

As the cost of JumpShip travel has increased, the DropShuttle has taken on the role of a long-range shuttle, and is often seen at starports and isolated communities allowing contact with the greater galaxy at large. On rare occasions, when adequate room allows the carrying of these vessels, the vehicle is used as it was intended, but such opportunities are becoming vanishingly rare.

A tiny booth aboard the K-1 DropShuttle serves as both the vessel’s breakfast table and a mid-day workstation, and the cramped cockpit features three seats, and has berths for six passengers for long-term occupancy.

The “Barracuda” was one of a pair of K1 DropShuttles owned by The Federative Republic of San Marcos, and deployed by them as transports for star marines in their navy. A small personnel-airlock has been installed alongside the docking collar, allowing marines to enter another ship without cycling the large docking link.

The substantial cargo bay has been modified to hold a 30-ton cargo module, refit to provide two squads of marines in long-term occupancy. This module has fourteen double-occupancy bunks, two tons of cargo storage, and a small commons area for washrooms, meals and socializing. The remainder of the cargo bay has been equipped as usual, with tie-down rings and access to strapping for bulk cargo hauling or light vehicles.

During * “The Iron Dingoes” invasion of Islas Brasilera in late-3024, the vessel was captured and seized for their own star marine force. It is presently attached to * “The Werewolves”. It has been assigned Trooper Pleione Bayern as a senior pilot, accompanied by a young junior Tech Anya “Araña” Sofia Corazón as her assistant, and informal watchdog.


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