Beagle Active Probe - Prototype

Advanced Electronics Sensors


Code-named BEAGLE by the original defense contractors who developed it, the Star League’s Active Probe combines both passive and active sensor systems into one suite capable of detecting just about any modern combat unit. Though later advances partially nullified the “Beagle Probe”, it was a welcome addition to the armies of the Reunification War’s reconnaissance units and continued to be used throughout the Star League era.

The device can detect and identify even shut-down or camouflaged units – excepting conventional infantry – at distances much greater distances and with greater reliability than standard battlefield sensors employed by modern units are capable of doing. Virtually every battlefield and support unit can deploy these probes, but because of their relatively limited range, aircraft and other aerospace forces (such as DropShips) rarely make use of the technology.

Some advanced targeting and tracking suites still have the basic components to integrate these modules with ease, though they often struggle with achieving the electronics modifications required to support these sensors.

The BAP-P module functions as a traditional Inner Sphere module, as per standard rules ( Total Warfare pg. 129 ), with the following exceptions. The unit weighs 2.0 tons and takes up 3 critical spaces. It has a detection range of four hexes. The unit costs a base 200,000 Cs to produce.

Notes : In addition to enhanced scanning at the 120 meter radius, the Beagle adds another 300 meters to the systems basic scanning range.


Introduced : 2576 (Terran Hegemony), 2579 (Taurian Concordat)
Extinct : 2835 (Inner Sphere)
Recovered : 3023 (Iron Dingoes)

Found in the lost data vault of Blue Rock Candy Mountain, this technology has yet to be put into limited production by the Iron Dingoes.

Beagle Active Probe - Prototype

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