Bertling Logistics

Small International Logistics Company


Bertling Logistics, Inc. provides logistics services in The New Republic of Sangria and internationally across the planet. It offers truckload transportation, container drayage, heavy lift and engineering, airfreight, and logistics management services. The company was founded in 3004 and is based in Ciudad Garcia, Sangria.

Trade Symbol : BertLog
Home Office : Ciudad Garcia
President/CEO : “Big” John Stone
Founding Date : September 14th, 3004


Bertling’s strength is in the small package delivery business, and it has worked closely with Mercado Industrial Group to ensure they have no conflicts of interest. Primarily using “Envigado” Light Utility Transports produced out of The District of Antiquia, they have a substantial fleet of delivery trucks, and have begun expanding services into The District of Guaviare.

In conjunction with Mercado, Bertling Logistics has recently expanded into international shipping, through a new fleet of fourteen (14) modern Elemental Cargo Airships that operate to and from worldwide locations across Dumassas. Bertling’s deals with a large variety of cargoes and goods whether they are raw materials, project cargo, or agricultural products. All vessels are in regular service and managed directly within the company. They are primarily deployed in The New Republic of Sangria and The Oriental Republic of San Isabel, but have begun looking at other nations for expansion.


Founded in 3004, Bertling Logistics is the result of “Big” John Stone’s careful management and husbandry of resources over a generation. He has carefully managed to develop his company through direct control over his assets, and turned a small package delivery firm into an international company with strong financial backing, despite the world-wide recession and civil turmoil.

In late-3025, he managed to procure a fleet of Elemental Cargo Airships, and is using them to expand into the resource development field, which has proven both smart and timely. As access to worldwide resources becomes more difficult, exploitation of existing national resources was a prudent choice, and his airships are now a common sight in the frontier regions, hauling timber and mineral ores from remote harvesting sites, and bringing water and other essential supplies back into the work camps.

Today, Bertling has become a company on the rise and one to pay close attention to.

Bertling Logistics

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