Blue Planet Utility Services

Civilian Utility Services Company


Increasing needs of the local industrial and civilian developments have begun demanding greater sources of electricity. To resolve this, the Iron Dingoes have formed a private company Blue Planet Utility Services. Considered a civilian organization, it is nonetheless staffed by former (retired) techs from the Iron Dingoes mercenary company, and funded by them to be wholly their own animal. Master Tech Héctor Martínez Maldonado is the CEO of the young company, and it employs roughly 200 local people in a variety of roles, at this time.


Blue Planet Fusion Power Plant, Garrison

Blue Planet, has begun construction of an independent fusion power plant, based from a salvaged 90-ton Mobile Military Fusion Generator. Rated as a 1500 SL-Mil Fusion Engine, the device was originally intended to provide power to a temporary HQ or other in-field facility, and once activated and fully staffed, will provide 120 MWs of electricity to the local region, sufficient for both the community, and its growing industrial demands.

Costing only around 15,000,000 Cs, due to the bulk of its needs being provided by the mobile generator, construction was started on November 13th, 3023 and is expected to be completed by May of 3026. The facility is small, and its fusion reactor requires only slight tinkering, with the bulk of time being spent on the initial survey work, pouring concrete and establishing the miles of electrical and cooling conduits required.

Tying into the existing electrical network has been easy, and negotiations are on-going to provide excess electricity to the district and Ciudad Garcia as the plant’s production will allow. Expanding the network to include formerly marginal portions of the landholds rural areas, however, is a key priority of the company, and has become the most time-intensive aspect of its expansion. Provision exists, to provide power to another small local industrial facility, should the need arise.


Blue Planet Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility, Brass Dog Munitions Plant – Garrison

The implementation of a separate facility adjacent to the new Brass Dog Munitions Plant is planned for construction over the next couple years, and although maintained and run by Aquatech, the facility is actually owned by the Iron Dingoes outright, under their Blue Planet Utility Services banner, and has sufficient room for expansion to add another industrial facility in the area, if required. The facility will also treat the local wastewater directly, improving community health concerns in MercTown considerably.


Garrison Industrial Dump

Blue Planet Utility Services, has also built a trash dump, equipped with an incinerator for bulk trash disposal, which powers an Industrial Metal Compactor. A large two-ton unit salvaged during the Dingoes travels, the device is an industrial-grade compactor/shredder that tears and grinds scrap metal, and then compacts it into a single block of metal alloys weighing one ton. This allows the company to either export the blocks as a trade good outside the community, or towards local industries. A pair of simple, small buildings have been built on the site, one to store and sort recyclables, such as electronics and another to house the vehicles and perform limited maintenance.

Attached to this facility are several (8) second-hand VX Dumassas Industries 68600 Waste Collection Trucks. Equipped with hydraulic lift hoists, these wheeled vehicles were originally intended to be used in wide-scale collection of trash from large metal bins, but in the company serve to collect trash from various sources by hand, and are then brought to the central dump site, compacted and disposed of. A new and novel concept locally, it also has two (2) vehicles assigned to * Landhold : Miguel several times each week to collect trash from various paying sources. The company provides limited recycling services at the industrial dump site, employing many common laborers in sorting tasks.

Long-term, the company is looking into providing other services for the local region, including improved wastewater recycling. Traffic and tourist interest in the region is limited, so continuing demands on local services will continue to be in the industrial and residential sectors.


Officially begun in mid-3023, with the intense infrastructural developments given to * Landhold : Garrison, Blue Planet Utility Services has quickly become an important aspect of health services in the local area. There are presently plans to expand services and other aspects of their efforts once time and money will allow.

In mid-3025, the company promoted the young Master Tech Héctor Martínez Maldonado to the position of CEO of the company. He has taken a personal interest in the recycling aspects of the company, but also uses his knowledge of local resource law to push along the construction of the company’s biggest project, the fusion power plant.

Blue Planet Utility Services

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