Neurohelmet "Blueline"-Class

Armadyne Sabre Systems Neurohelmet


Critical to the functioning of BattleMechs, the Neural Impulse Helmet or “neurohelmet” is worn by MechWarriors inside the cockpit and connects the pilot through a neural link, to their machine. At its most basic, the neurohelmet allows the ‘Mech to use its pilot’s sense of balance to help keep it upright, with more advanced models providing additional benefits. Over time, the design of neurohelmets has changed, and while some seem outlandish they are for the most part comfortable to wear.

The “Blueline” Neural Impulse Helmet is a development of SABRE Defensive Systems, a sub-division of Armadyne Industries, and is a spin-off of their attempts to develop “smart-gun” technology, to provide a direct link to advanced small arms. Lighter and less susceptible to damage than a standard neurohelmet, this model features a built-in Military Microcommunicator (10kms), and a large, sealed HUD faceplate with a one-hour emergency air supply. Though expensive, the helmet is very popular among MechWarriors, particularly among the Hyades Rim, as they are the only local source of new helmets.

Equipment Rating : B-C-B
BAR (M/B/E/X) : 3/3/2/1
Cost/Reload : 1200 Cs
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 5.0 kgs

Notes : -1 to Perception, Encumbering, Military Comlink (10 kms), May be sealed in hostile environments (1 Hour Air Supply).

Neurohelmets are required to safely operate BattleMechs and IndustrialMechs. Without a neurohelmet, pilots suffer a -6 Piloting Skill roll modifier, and must make Piloting Skill rolls even when turning at a walk. Without a neurohelmet, Piloting is considered a Complex Action.




Developed by SABRE Defensive Systems of Armadyne Industries, the Blueline Neurohelmet is roughly the same as might be produced by select manufacturers across the Inner Sphere. The Blueline, however, has been developed with a larger HUD-capable visor, and the electrodes require a dedicated skin connection directly against the back of one’s head. As a result, it requires a broad patch of bare skin just above the back of the neck, resulting in a unique hairstyle that is actually similar to that worn by Steiner MechWarriors.

Developed in their primary labs in The Free-City of Von Doom’s Downport, the Blueline has only been recently developed, and is only produced in small amounts at this time. Demand for the item, however, is believed to soon increase…

Neurohelmet "Blueline"-Class

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