BNC-3E Banshee


BNC-3E Banshee (95 tons)

Chassis : Star League XT

Power Plant : GM 380
Cruise Speed : 43.7 kph (4)
Flank Speed : 64.1 kph (6)
Jump Jets : None
Jump Capacity : None

Armor : Starshield (Armor Factor 240) : 15.0 tons
Head – 3/9
Center Torso – 30/40
Rear – 17
Right Torso – 20/30
Rear – 10
Left Torso – 20/30
Rear – 10
Right Arm – 16/21
Left Arm – 16/21
Right Leg – 20/26
Left Leg – 20/26

Armament :
1 Magna Hellstar PPC (RT)
1 Imperator-A Autocannon (LT)
Ammo (AC) : 20 (LT)
1 Magna Mark-1 Small Laser (H)

Communications System : Dalban Commline
Targeting & Tracking System : Dalban HiRez-B

BattleTech Tracking Stats : – : 1/2 : y : n : y : 360 : 7 : 28 : 7 : 9 : +1 : y : y

Notes : None.


Overview : An early BattleMech design, the Banshee was built with the cutting-edge military technology of its time. Taken as a whole, however, the design fell short. The Banshee was intended as a close assault Mech, but critics claimed and battlefield results showed that privately designed Mechs outclassed its firepower. Despite this, the Hegemony built five thousand Banshees in just a decade before ceasing production. The Banshee’s poor performance soon relegated it to militia and training units, where over a third of the units survived to the thirty-first century, when Defiance opened a Banshee line.

Capabilities : The Banshee is undeniably fast for such a large Mech, but beyond that its abilities are debatable. Fifteen tons of Starshield armor gives the Mech ample protection, but armor alone cannot take down one’s enemies. A PPC and a medium autocannon give the Banshee respectable firepower – if it were a medium Mech. But even if the Banshee gets close enough to bring its mass into play, its main weapon’s minimum ranges make targeting difficult, and the head-mounted small laser does little to mitigate the situation.

Deployment : BNC-3E Banshees can usually be found in the reserves, militia, or poorly outfitted units throughout the Inner Sphere and Periphery, with a few brave or unlucky MechWarriors piloting them in premier units. The greatest concentration is found in the Lyran Commonwealth, where Defiance is actually producing the Banshee once more. The Lyrans are even assigning their new BNC-3S Banshees to the front line.

Variants : House Marik was the first to really tinker with the Banshee. The BNC-3M repaces the autocannon with a PPC and a pair of medium lasers. However, a lack of PPCs has led to a further upgrade – the BNC-3Q – which removes the PPC and upgrades the autocannon to a massive KaliYama Class 20. The Magistracy of Canopus has recently remodeled their Banshees by removing heat sinks and upgrading the autocannon to an Imperator-B.

While none of these changes have allowed the Banshee to rise above mediocrity, House Seiner’s BNC-3S has risen to greatness. By replacing the GM 380 with a Pitban 285, tonnage was freed up to upgrade the autocannon to an Imperator-B while mounting a second small laser and PPC, and adding four medium lasers plus an SRM-6 rack. The armor was not modified, but five additional heat sinks were installed.

BNC-3E Banshee

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