Broadsword Wheeled APC - "Shaken, not Stirred"

Captured War Booty from Dunkelheim


Broadsword Wheeled APC (10 tons)

Power Plant : 40 ICE
Cruise Speed : 64.0 kph (6)
Flank Speed : 97.4 kph (9)

Armor : Various (Armor Factor 48) : 3.0 tons
Front – 12
Right Side – 10
Left Side – 10
Rear – 10
Turret – 6

Armament : 2 MGs, Various Manufacturers (Turret)
Ammo (MG) – (100) : (Body)
Cargo (Infantry) : (Body) – 1.0 tons

Communicationms System : LongCom
Targeting and Tracking System : OptiTrack Techniques
Manufacturer : Various

Notes : -


Overview : Infantry is the backbone of any military organization. AeroSpace might dominate the skies and BattleMEchs may mount more firepower than any other weapons platform, but for taking an objective and holding it, making precision strikes, providing relief and any of another hundred missions, nothing compares with the efficiency and effectiveness of infantry. Though undervalued by neophyte cadets and armchair generals far from the front lines, every working military knows defeat or victory will depend on how well their infantry rises to the occasion. And infantry’s impact depends upon their ability to get where they need to be and when they need to be there.

APCs are the vehicles charged with getting troops in and out of a combat zone. The three basic designs currently in use date to their establishment by the Star League and have been in continuous production, virtually unchanged, for centuries.

Capabilites : Wheeled APCs require predictable terrain, but within that limitation they are more maneuverable than any other APC. They are the APC of choice when in urban or industrial combat, and tend to be more heavily armored than a hover APC.

Deployment : Every military in the Inner Sphere employs each type of APC. Utilization of its infantry, however, varies from Houe to House, though, and thus APCs may only be found in second-line garrison duties in the DCMS, or they serve as front-line forces with House Steiner, or as an organic compound to all military formations with House Davion.

Variants : These obiquitous vehicles are found in many factory variants, and are frequently modified by individual units in the field. Some militaries – namely planetary militias lacking financial resources – convert them into weapons platforms to support deployed ground forces with varying degrees of success. The simplest method replaces the infantry bays with simple MGs and more ammo, but other variants can get quite extensive. Smaller SRM and LRM launchers are known to be used in APCs, as are documented instances of hover APCs employing advanced sensors packages and used as scouts in the Taurian Concordat and the MArian Hegemony. Though mounting these improved sensors makes some sense in the light, highly mobile hover APC, the removal of its defensive MGs often mitigates their use, as it presents an unnacceptable potential of loss for a highly valuable sensor array.

Infantry are often considered the craziest of all combat troops. To enhance this image and strike fear into tehir opponents, they often paint their carriers in bright, garish colors that reveal their position to anyone within sighting distance.

The Broadsword-Class of Wheeled APC is very common, and often encountered in most armories across the Inner Sphere. It uses a standard hull configuration, popular for its common chassis and ease of procurement for both parts and fuel. The Shaken, not Stirred was captured during operations on Dunkelheim, and has become a popular vehicle for use by the technical staff of the Brush Wolf, who store tools, spare parts and other valuable equipment when in use on the field. It’s legacy of killing its crew, has not stopped techs from piloting it everywhere.

Broadsword Wheeled APC - "Shaken, not Stirred"

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