B-SRML "Butterfly" SRM Launcher

Standard Rocket Launcher of the Iron Dingoes Infantry

weapon (ranged)

Equipment Rating : C-C-C
AP/BD : 6X/12A (E)
Range : 55/180/270/475
Shots : 2
Cost/Reload : 1500/50 Cs
Mass/Reload : 10kg/4kg

Notes : This weapon does not encumber its user.


The “Butterfly” Light SRM Launcher is an ancient Star League designed weapon system, created to improve the punch of the Light Horse Infantry squads, through an easily man-portable anti-vehicle weapon. The weapon uses a light frame and arming mechanism, which does reduce its range over traditional SRM launchers, however, this makes it easily carried and deployed by various forces, including light recon units and technical crews. Its ammunition is rare, however, and requires special tooling to produce, increasing its price somewhat.

B-SRML "Butterfly" SRM Launcher

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