C80 Combat Environment Suit


The C80 Combat Environment Suit is a relatively popular hard-shelled spacesuit used by star marines in defense of their DropShips and JumpShips. A neck-to-toe air-tight suit constructed of ballistic cloth covered with a ceramic alloy shell, it is generally worn open at the neck and wrists, and can be quickly sealed by donning its gauntlets and a composite helmet. The helmet boasts a detachable face-plate that allows it to be worn open-faced in a hospitable environment.

As a military uniform it gives complete body protection against most chemical and biological agents, tainted atmospheres, and even a moderate defense against radiation. Heat buildup is handled through a simple, solid-state cooling system woven into the underside of the garment, that eliminates any IR signature except on an exposed face, hands and its thermal exhaust. The “Chameleon” (See below) modification can eliminate this difficulty even further.

Its integral life support equipment will provide air and heat/cooling for up to 18 hours before needing a recharge. The addition of a Jump Pack is common among boarding units. The helmet also includes a basic heads-up display which projects key data at the bottom of the field of vision, and a mil-spec comlink.

Equipment Rating : D-E-D
BAR : 2/5/2/3
Cost/Patch : 12,500/100
AFF : -
Mass : 21 kg
Coverage : Full

Notes : +2 to 0-G operations; May be sealed in hostile environments (provides 18-hours life support); Military Comm w/ 10km range (1 PPH); AV 10 vs Flash.

Variants : Common additions to the suit include Jump Packs for 0-G maneuvers and boarding efforts, and “Chameleon” variants, adding stealth equipment to allow Special Ops.

Jump Packs : This modification adds cost, weight and encumbrance, but allows units to deploy away from small craft and space vessels for short distances. Vital for assaulting DropShips and JumpShips.

Equipment Rating : D-A-C
BAR : 2/2/2/2
Cost/Patch : 3200
AFF : -
Mass : 30 kg
Coverage : Head, Arms, Legs, Torso

Notes : Encumbering; 1000 Fuel Points; 2 pts burned per 1m of flight. Max Flight = 150m per turn. Jump Mode: 150m max jump per turn (5 pts fuel burned per jump); Acrobatics/Freefall Skill to launch, land and jump.

Chameleon : A modification for Combat Environment Suits, is the popular “Chameleon” modification. It selectively bleeds heat to match background IR levels and effectively renders the wearer invisible to IR sensors; something very important to space-born assault troops. Known to techs as a “Chill Can”, the item also allows the suit to provide excellent protection in cold weather environments.

Equipment Rating : D-D-D
BAR : -/2/1/2
Cost/Patch : 7500
AFF : -
Mass : 5 kg
Coverage : Full

Notes : E/I/C – 6/6/4; Requires addition of an HC power pack (1 pt per 15 mins active).


Uncommon, but popular, the C80 Combat Environment Suit is produced in most highly-industrialized systems, primarily for use in customs boarding and among its naval troopers. Better, and lighter than the standard Combat Environment Suit, it can prove to be difficult to find in the Periphery or off major trade routes, but remains popular for its lack of encumbrance and ease of utility in 0-G operations. Although more advanced models can be found (referred to as “Marine Combat” suits), these tend to be employed only by elite House military units and Special Forces.

The additional employment of “Jump Packs” and “Chameleon” modules are popular, but expensive additions to the basic suit. Each can be difficult to find, and are generally only available as “hot” items stolen from Inner Sphere intelligence and Special Ops units. This can double the basic cost of the items.

C80 Combat Environment Suit

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