Callisto Luxury Yacht

Pleasure Craft


“Callisto” Luxury Yacht

Tonnage : 100
Dimensions :
Length : 20.5 m
Width : 18.0 m
Crew : 2
Cargo Complement : 8 tons, 8 passengers
Armament : -
Drive System : Shunt Type-28
Fuel : 40 tons
First Introduced : 2928
Hull Laid Down : -

Thrust : 5
Overthrust : 8
Structural Integrity : 5

Armor Factor : 32 (2 tons)
Nose – 8
RS – 6
LS – 6
Fuselage – 8
Engine – 4

Fire Factors : None
Nose : -
Right Wing : -
Left Wing : -
Aft : -


Overview : Designed as a noble’s plaything, the “Callisto” is used to entertain friends and undertake political or commercial missions across the system. It is (at first glance) just another form of long-range shuttle, with luxurious appointments and a high price tag.

Capabilities : Shunt Drive Systems, Inc earned a reputation for inventive and industrious employment of its early assets in the development of first-class hand-crafted shuttle. Initially manufacturing electronics kits designed as modular units to upgrade or refit existing drive units, Shunt quickly designed their own fuel-efficient engine and began using it as the basis for a hand-built shuttle craft. Within a few years of the first few being sold, demand among corporate executives and government officials for their fine craft led to its standardization and industrial development of its construction lines.

Possessing a stream-lined hull, the Callisto is first and foremost, a passenger-hauler, possessing very little cargo, but having eight staterooms for passengers, plus a pair for the owner, and another shared by the pilot and navigator/purser. Plated lightly with almost no armor, the vessel has extended fuel tankage to allow long-range flight between planets/stations/jump-points. The ship’s computer is fairly standard, though it has many aspects rating high in graphics and speed. In addition, the shuttle has a large central common lounge with good entertainment facilities, and a well-appointed food preparation suite. Its furnishings and appointments are always top-notch.

Deployment : Produced exclusively in System – Cassandra, the Callisto is employed in many local systems by both corporate authorities and government officials. It is considered a sign of wealth and status to have one as their personal craft.

Variants : Though there are no official variants, it is rumored some corporations employ the craft as “Q-Ships”, arming them and adding armor and converting the staterooms to a barracks for marines. These ships make for great counter-boarding craft and are used in known pirate regions and when data or small packages need to be delivered to a planet or distant work-site.

Callisto Luxury Yacht

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