CargoDevil Freight Handler

Cargo Drone


“CargoDevil” Freight Handler

Tonnage : 5 tons
Dimensions :
Length : 5.2 m
Width : 1.8 m
Crew : 1
Cargo Complement : Various
Armament : -
Drive System : 0.02 MW Electric Fuel Cell
Fuel : 0.018 tons Reaction Mass (2 Hours)
First Introduced : 2588
Hull Laid Down : -

Thrust : 2
Overthrust : 3
Structural Integrity : 2

Armor Factor : Light Industrial (BAR 2)
Nose – 1
RS – 1
LS – 1
Fuselage – 1
Engine – 1

Fire Factors : None
Nose : -
Right Wing : -
Left Wing : -
Aft : -

Cost : 250,000 Cs


Overview : Developed by Midwest Technologies (MidTech), a Terran consulting and design firm headquartered in Omaha, petitioned for and won the contract for producing cargo handling vehicles for much of the Star League’s rebuilding efforts in the Periphery, following the Reunification Wars. Most cargo haulers are inherently lacking in their own capacity for moving modular cargo onto and off of their ships. The MidTech CargoDevil is designed to perform exactly that task.

Capabilities : The CargoDevil is a single-operator spacecraft displacing roughly 15 cubic meters. Thrusters can move the handler around port facilities and spaceships while carrying a standard-rated 40-ton cargo module, but the ship is not capable of accelerating to combat speeds. The operator sits in a spacious cockpit (similar in most respects to a standard AeroSpace cockpit), which provides a good view and commands a variety of manipulation devices.

The largest manipulator is a top-mounted hydraulic arm which can be extended and grab objects up to five meters across. In combination with two smaller hydraulic hands located on either side of the cockpit, the CargoDevil operator can safely grab and move large pieces of cargo. Two smaller manipulator arms, located in the bow of the pod, can be extended to perform even more delicate tasks, such as opening airlocks and preparing slots to receive modules.

The CargoDevil is heavily lit and usually brightly painted for safety reasons. It is not unusual for several CargoDevils to be loading a single ship – heavy traffic can become a safety hazard.

Deployment : Extremely popular in the Star League, these EVA Pods have proven their worth by remaining unchanged for centuries. Simple to maintain and produce, many small shipyards produce them under license for their own purposes, and they have seen deployment across the Star League and beyond.

Variants : While most stations and ships assigned the CargoDevil modify these pods for various personal purposes, one variant model has been produced in limited numbers. Known as the Gremlin-Class EVA Bug, the core of the pod remains intact. The variant removes the main manipulator arm for a pair of smaller myomer-powered manipulators to engage in detailed and fine EVA work, especially to scientific sensors or other exterior delicate equipment. Under careful guidance, these fine arms are similar to human hands in manual dexterity.

In addition, various work tools are employed and attached to the hull, such as laser cutters and cargo sheathes to haul repair parts for maintenance work. The Gremlin is most popular among repair shipyards and have proven very widespread.

CargoDevil Freight Handler

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