Isolated Village of Sangria



System Name : System – Dumassas
Location : The District of Garcia
Population : 350


Cartera Commons, with its rural church visible to the left

Cartera : (Pop 350 – Corn, Pork) : A poor, agricultural town, once important to the timber concerns of nearby * Landhold : Miguel, the village of Cartera is now an isolated bedroom community for workers who regularly commute to operations in its timber and bio-fuel industries. Others support themselves in traditional farming of corn and pork.


Valle de Cartera, with San Mateo Ridge behind the town

Located away from major routes by the nearby San Mateo Ridge, which runs north of the region, it provides the community with less regular rainfall than other nearby communities, complicated by the high altitude of its rocky valley. Years of steady clear-cutting the indigenous mahogany and cedar trees, has also led to poor top soils and a lack of interest towards investment in the region.

As a result of these matters, the community has been largely undeveloped and untouched for nearly its entire existence, with many of its buildings resembling the original colonial efforts with mud and stone prevalent in its architecture. The town and its local countryside are often a popular spot to visit for people from nearby Ciudad Garcia, who seek to participate in its vaunted harvest “Light Festival”.

The community possesses no notable industry nor does it have a local military defense force. It consists of a rural church, an independent general store that specializes in agricultural goods, and a Banco Nacional de Sangria branch office that supports the local economy.


Interestingly, the cartera name comes from the unique design of homemade handbags made by the locals of the valley, though it remains nothing more than a cottage industry.



The history of Cartera is one of agricultural activities and the support of logging efforts among the local timber and paper manufacture industry. It has otherwise little to distinguish it from any other backwater agricultural community in The District of Garcia.


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