Introduced : 2476 (Terran Hegemony)

Extinct : 2840 (Inner Sphere)

One of the oldest examples of so-called “lost” technologies, CASE (as we know it today) actually predates the Star League by nearly a hundred years. Indeed, its earliest progenitors can be traced even further back. Developed as a damage-control technology in the event of a catastrophic internal explosions, CASE – then as now – became an intrinsic part of the armor system on BattleMechs, Combat Vehicles, and AeroFighters, intended to save crews and machines for later salvage. When heat or damage triggers an ammunition explosion in a CASE-protected location, specially designed blow-away panels direct the force of the explosion outward, through the rear of the machine. Though any remaining internal structure is typically destroyed in these blasts, CASE has spared many a machine that once would have been consumed by an internal explosion.

Originally kept as a tightly controlled secret by the Terran Hegemony (along wiht many other “Vital” technologies), CASE has remained a closely held secret by armourers once recovered, and even adapted for use in non-military equipment (though this is rare, for use in fuel-storage and the like).


Tech Rating : Inner Sphere

Unit Restrictions : Small Craft and DropShips may not carry CASE.

Game Rules : CASE systems are automatic, and are considered active even if the unit is shut down, or its pilot/crew are rendered incapable of acting in combat (Stunned?Unconscious).

Construction Rules : For BattleMechs and IndustrialMechs, CASE must be allocated to Torso locations only. Inner Sphere Combat and Support Vehicles with CASE automatically place this equipment in the Body location at a cost of one (1) equipment slot. Aircraft and AeroSpace units with CASE place it in their Fuselage as well, at no cost in weapon slots.

Early development of this technology results in “Prototype CASE, listed as CASE-P, and was originally developed for the Terran Hegemony forces, and functioned as follows : Roll d6 for each ammunition or weapon explosion that would normally destroy the CASE-protected location; on a roll of 1 or 2, CASE has no effect.


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