CASE - Prototype

Ammo Protection Module


In the late 25th-century, Hegemony Armed Forces Mechs and vehicles were suddenly becoming less and less susceptible to catastrophic internal explosions. It took decades before the secret – Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment – made its way through the Inner Sphere, and decades more before nations outside of the Hegemony finally began producing their own serviceable production copies.

Intended to save both crews and vehicles from overwhelming damage, CASE activates when internal heat or damage triggers an ammunition explosion, the module blows-away rear-facing panels to vent the explosion outwards and away from the unit. Though internal structure is damaged in the explosion, the unit as a whole is able to avoid being completely consumed.

The CASE-P module functions as a traditional Inner Sphere module, as per standard rules ( Total Warfare pg. 133-34 ), with the following exceptions. The unit weighs 0.5 tons and takes up one (1) critical space. The unit costs a base 50,000 Cs to produce.

Notes : CASE-P systems are considered automatic and active, even if the pilot/crew of the unit is unconscious, or the unit is itself shut-down or otherwise considered rendered inoperable due to combat conditions.

CASE-P must be allocated to BattleMech Torso locations only. Vehicles automatically place this module in their Body locations, at a cost of one internal slot. It may be placed in AeroSpace or Aircraft fuselage at no cost in weapons slots.

Roll d6 for each ammunition or weapons explosion that would normally destroy the CASE-protected location; on a roll of 1-2, the CASE has no effect.


Introduced : 2476 (Terran Hegemony), 2580 (Taurian Concordat)
Extinct : 2840 (Inner Sphere)
Recovered : 3023 (Iron Dingoes)

Found in the lost data vault of Blue Rock Candy Mountain, this technology has yet to be put into limited production by the Iron Dingoes.

CASE - Prototype

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