CBR-34 Cobra-Class Courier (Gunship)

Fleet Courier (Gunship)


CBR-34 “Cobra” Courier (Gunship) – (200 tons)

Tonnage : 200
Dimensions :
Length : 34 m
Width : 16.5 m
Crew : 15 (2 Pilots, 2 Engineer, 1 Gunner, 10 Ship’s Troops)
Cargo Complement : 25 tons (One Door)
Armament : 2 PPC, 2 LRM-10, 4 ML, 3 tons of LRM ammo
Drive System : Pulsar 500
First Introduced : 2861

Thrust : 5
Overthrust : 8
Structural Integrity : 8

Armor Factor : Cylinder SL CoreTek – 224 (20 tons)
Nose – 64
RS – 57
LS – 57
Aft – 46

Fire Factors
Nose : 2xPPC
Right Wing : 2xML
Left Wing : 2xML
Aft : 2xLRM-10


Overview : With communications limited to the speed of a single jump, the most difficult operational problem confronting a fleet commander is the transfer of secure information and intelligence. The fleet courier is a small craft designed to allow information to be sent to in-system fleets without resorting to sub-light communications that might be intercepted.

The Cobra-Class Courier is designed as a low-tech, dependable courier shuttle, for both high-priority cargo and personnel transfers in-system. Built by Chandley Works Limited, a ship construction firm in the Reaver’s Rift, it is a popular vessel for corporate concerns in that region, but can also be found in use as a light system defense boat, or a customs cutter in starport authorities.

Capabilities : Built to be fast, it has good armor protection and a number of hardpoints, allowing it to push past blockades and get to its target location quickly and with minimal risk to its cargo. The ship typically carries a superior computer system to facilitate data transfers, and is often meant to carry VIPs as well.

Most notably, it is one of the few small craft intended to carry a ten-man squad of troops, typically employed as anti-piracy marines. Some corporations use these ships as a DropShip escort, and counter-board pirate ships to destroy dangerous targets. The ship is armed with a fair arsenal, that can assist as a gunship at need.

Deployment : Though the Taurian Navy has purchased most of these vessels, they are more commonly seen among the merchant fleets of the Concordat and the Reaver’s Rift, often as a corporate shuttle hauling high priority goods and personnel. The ship is based from corporate holdings whenever a fast, armed shuttle is needed to make a run out to a jump-point and back again.

Variants : There are few variations, beyond altering the cargo to include more rapid transit seating for more ship’s troops, and then using the vessel as a boarding shuttle. This variant is common when the ship’s fall into mercenary or pirate hands.

CBR-34 Cobra-Class Courier (Gunship)

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