CEV - "Unimog"

Combat Engineering Vehicle of the Iron Dingoes


“Unimog” Combat Engineering Vehicle (CEV) (40 tons)

Power Plant : Workhorse 240 with PowerChain ICE
Cruise Speed : 64.2 kph
Flank Speed : 97.6 kph

Armor : StarSlab/9 (Armor Factor 40) : 2.5 tons
Front – 8
Right Side – 8
Left Side – 8
Rear – 8
Turret – 8

Armament : Backhoe (Turret) : (5 tons)
Lift Hoist (Rear) : (3 tons)
Bulldozer (Front) : (2 tons)

Manufacturer : Unknown
Communicationms System : Majestrix Alpha
Targeting and Tracking System : None

Note : The Industrial equipment attached to the “Unimog” grants it the following tactical and strategic abilities:

Backhoe : The vehicle may make a physical attack, and may be used to attack a building. (To hit +1, Dam 6), (TW p130).

Lift Hoist : This vehicle may lift/carry 20 tons of equipment with no change in its movement. It may lift up to its own weight (40 tons) dropping its move to one-half. (TW p136).

Bulldozer : This unit may clear a hex of Rubble, with variable amounts of time based on the originating structure. Furthermore, a Bulldozer equipped unit takes one-half damage from a charge attack, doubling damage against a building. (TW p131).


Overview : Engineers and engineering equipment are an important part of any army. They construct the buildings, runways, and other mundane items that make-up the basic fabric of any modern military venture. Engineering vehicles are also a valuable combat asset; they dig trenches and prepare fortifications, remove obstructions from roadways and help units ford rivers.

The models established by New Earth Trading Company (NETC) are often considered the benchmark upon which all others are based.

Capabilities : Most engineering vehicles bear an over-sized engine to provide neccessary power for moving heavy objects such as trees or other vehicles. Engineering vehicles often perform the important role of removing damaged untis from the battlefield, and most carry a rear-mounted hoist to facilitate that role. The sight of these vehicles hauling tanks and Mech limbs away to a repair facility is a common one on the battlefield.

This version also bears a backhoe, a popular option on most engineering vehicles. Mounted on a small turret, it allows engineers to dig more efficiently without constantly moving the vehicle. Though never intended for front-line combat, this version is lightly armored to resist small arms fire.

Deployment : Most combat regiments can call upon a host of support units, including engineering vehicles. These tend to be assigned to regimental command – the administrative organization for support and technical assets – and are parceled out as the need and situation requires.

Engineering vehicles are also found in special combat engineer companies. These teams are called upon to operate under fire, possessing a tradition of courage and skill dating to the concepts foundation in Terra’s early 20th century. Their traditional motto, is “We Can Do!”, but their unofficial motto is; “First we dig them, then we die in them.” Both are proven true.

Variants : There exists a plethora of different models and designs from numerous production lines. In addition to a backhoe and hoist arrangement, common equipment includes cutters for clearing trees, front-mounted shovels and dozer blades, drills, mine-clearing equipment, and even bridge-laying equipment. Some vehicles mount defensive weapons, like flamers, or even AC/20s to clear away heavy forest and jungle growth.

CEV - "Unimog"

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