Consolidated Foods Limited (CFL)

Phoenix Corporation of Dumassas


A multi-nation corporation, owned by off-world interests from the Federated Suns, Consolidated Foods Limited has become a leading source of agricultural products for domestic consumption and off-world export.


The company primarily produces fruit, meat and fish for local consumption, under its “White Label” brand of generic fruit juices and ration packs. The company owns only production facilities, and does not dabble in farm management or shipping beyond getting its products into recognized markets.

Its interests, as of late-3025 across the system, include; meat, fruit and sugar processing plants in The Republic of Buntar; fruit and fish processing plants in The Republic of Delancourt; and meat processing plants in The New Republic of Sangria.


Established in Davion space nearly a century ago, Consolidated Foods Limited has always taken an interest in marginal worlds of the Davion Outback, and neighboring periphery worlds. The company has slowly taken over failing agribusinesses in System – Dumassas over the last few decades, and has begun to increase its acquisitions in the wake of a new global recession, caused by the 3024 Small War, and 3025 Outworld Flu pandemic.

Today, while the company tends to produce for local domestic consumption, they also target food production specifically for off-world export, now aiming towards the marginal agricultural worlds along the Federated Suns border, such as System – Armington and System – Malagrotta.

While it has maintained individual manufacturing facilities in various nations across Terramatrix, following the economic turmoil of 3024-5, the company established a central shipping headquarters on “The Factory”, from which it could organize both its trans-world and off-world shipments, without interference from Excalibur Corporation. The company has made Red Devil Shipping and Brokerage its primary in-system shipper.

Consolidated Foods Limited (CFL)

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