Chaparral Missile Tank

Artillery/Fire Support Tank


Chaparral Missile Tank (50 tons)

Power Plant : Nissan 300 Fusion
Cruise Speed : 43.3 kph (4)
Flank Speed : 64.6 kph (6)

Armor : StarSlab/1 (Armor Factor 88) : 5.5 tons
Front – 16
Right Side – 18
Left Side – 18
Rear – 36
Turret – (-)

Armament :
Two (2) Sapphire Medium Lasers (RS, LS)
One (1) Shrike SRM-6 Launcher (Rear)
Ammo (SRM) : 15 (Body)
Two (2) AIL Arrow-IV Launchers (Front)
Ammo (Arrow-IV) : 15 (Body)

Manufacturer : Grumann Industries, Terra; Terran Hegemony (Destroyed ).
Communications System : TransComm 12
Targeting and Tracking System : TransComm WDS40A

Notes : -


Overview : The Chapparal is a tracked missile tank introduced in 2611 to serve mobile units where LT-MOB-25 Mobile Long Tom Artillerys and SP-203 Self-Propelled (SP) Snipers could not travel. The Chapparal fit its role well, and continued to serve front-line units even in the height of the Star League’s golden years. Though the vehicle’s heavy firepower made it popular, its weapons have somewhat shorter range than traditional artillery, forcing the Chaparral to operate near the front lines.

Capabilities : The Chaparral’s main armament is the Arrow-IV surface-to-surface missile system, which consists of two launchers mounted in pods that are elevated just prior to firing. Afterward, they lower to their normal positions, giving teh Chaparral an exceedingly low profile. The typical Arrow-IV missiles come in two types, those employing TAG (Target Acquisition Gear), and those that explode using standard HE damage over a wider area. These missiles, especially the homing varieties, are much more expensive than equally destructive rounds for Long Toms, Snipers and Thumpers. The Chaparral complements infantry formations and other light armored units because it need not be in direct zones of combat. All that is necessary is that a vehicle with a TAG system designate a target. Within seconds, an Arrow-IV missile will strike the target with deadly accuracy.

When an enemy gets too close, the Chaparral has a small array of defensive weapons to keep foes at bay. This weaponry consists of two Sapphire medium lasers mounted on the sides of the hull are a Shrike SRM-6 missile launcher. These weapons concentrate their firepower in the rear arc, reflecting the fact the vehicle fires only in self-defense when in full retreat.

The Chaparral’s moderate armor also reflects the same fact, with most of the armor located on the sides and rear. With only 5.5 tons of armor, the vehicle still survives most close encounters.

The vehicle’s four-man crew, consisting of a driver, gunner, radio-operator and tank commander; the large armored cabin just forward of the launch systems houses all four. The fusion engine precludes fuel problems, giving the missile tank the capacity to operate for extended periods of combat. Chaparrals have a good service record, with a low breakdown rate.

Deployment : Between excessive ComStar red-tape on exports from the Grumman Industries Terran-based factory and the LosTech nature of its Arrow-IV missile system, by 2830, the Chaparral became all but extinct during the Succession Wars.

Variants : There are no official line production variants, however, many field units replace the AIT Arrow-IV systems with either SRM-4s with extra space for ammunition, or a single SRM-4 system, two machine guns and limited ammunition improvement.

Chaparral Missile Tank

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