Chip 10987

Salvaged Obsolete Computer Chip


Known as “Chip 10987”, this ancient, obsolete Terran circuit is an unusual integrated computer chip of pre-Star League origins. It presently does not do much, but it was discovered because it initially produced a number of unusual properties. Tech Brandis Turgan has spent several months studying The Chip closely, and has noted the following facts regarding it:

- The core of The Chip is a manufactured silicate, but it has been rebuilt using some sort of synthetic aggregate from an unknown sources.

- At extremely low energy levels, The Chip remains inert.

- When exposed to low levels of electricity or light, The Chip levitates within its sample case, and glowing green, discharges slight electronic pulses. These pulses seem to interfere with radio channels, disrupting them, with a short burst of static every few minutes. This has caused interference with the basic electronic testers used, and seems to have a wider effect against standard com-links used by the techs on-board ship.

- The Chip seeks water, silicon and light (or other ambient energy) to reproduce, and it can engrave its own circuit patterns on available crystal silicon, including other chips.

- The Chip adapts to whatever computer processing unit it might be connected to. It assimilates all data, and effectively becomes the CPU of any device it attaches to.

- The Chip is not a true AI. It is, however, able to improve its intelligence through connection with existing CPUs, effectively learning everything the CPU knows. This is however, also a limitation, as it views everything it knows as a “fact”, and emotional considerations are impossible. It does, however, represent a blank slate, that can assimilate large quantities of information quickly and completely.

- When attached to a personal computer (a closed system), The Chip assimilated its CPU, re-wrote its circuits, and proceeded to access the computers own files and programs, whenever information was down-loaded. After several days of processing, it had begun to communicate in binary to personnel at the keyboard. It has proven especially strong in theoretical mathematics and molecular physics and chemistry. It seems unable to understand that anyone communicating with it is not another chip like itself.


Discovered in the engineering section of the irradiated aft hulk of an abandoned Merchant-Class JumpShip, Chip 10987 was originally discovered passing through the Organo System in the Taurian Concordat. While trying to evade a potential shadow that seemed to be following their journey through Taurian space, the unit jumped to a pirate point. While there, Voice was able to detect an anomalous communication reading, that led to the discovery of the aft end of an irradiated Merchant-Class JumpShip.

Within the engineering section of the irradiated hulk, they discovered the anomaly to be an active chip, that seemed to be powering several panels among the ruins of the controls. After disconnecting it from the surrounding computer, the Chip quickly “powered-down”, and has been dormant since. It remains in Pitbull’s possession at this time.

Careful study by Tech Brandis Turgan has revealed The Chip to have origins as some sort of pre-SL computer chip labelled UFIC 29008A MILSPEC. In addition to numerous properties listed above, this series seems to have been identified as an obscure, obsolete chip in use among Terran sensor equipment long before the creation of the Star League.

In mid-Febraury, 3021, the Chip was attached to The Fisher King’s Neurohelmet by Major Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull”, in hopes it might create a stable “Cortana” matirx. This matter is still in need of battle testing…

Chip 10987

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