Cobra Transport VTOL

Light Transport VTOL


Cobra Transport VTOL (30 tons)

Power Plant : Hermes 100 Fusion
Cruise Speed : 87.0 kph
Flank Speed : 130.2 kph

Armor : FiberTech Light (Armor Factor 48) : 3 tons
Front – 12
Right Side – 12
Left Side – 12
Rear – 10
Rotor – 2

Armament : One (1) Omicron Medium Laser (Front)
Cargo : 10 tons

Communicationms System : Datacom 100
Manufacturer : Aldis Industries of Terra


Overview : The Cobra Transport VTOL was introduced by the Star League Defense Force in 2582 to assist the SLDF during the Reunification War and has seen constant action since that conflict. During the Succession Wars, the Cobra fell out of production, but it remained a workhorse design popular in various “Striker” regiments, able to transport troops, supplies or support personnel with great ease.

Capabilities : The impressive ten-ton cargo bays of the Cobra remians its key to success, The decks, walls and ceiling of the compartment are festooned with tie-downs, power, cooling and filtration hook-ups, allowing any type of cargo imaginable to be hauled – the bay can even be sealed to haul bulk liquids.

With good, though not spectacular armor protection, the Cobra is not meant to engage in combat, even though it has been equipped with a nose-mounted medium laser that must be fired by a second crew member, typically a cargo master/navigator. Use of the weapon, however, proves the crew are in too deeply over their heads.

Variants : Command Cobra – This variant reduces the cargo bay to three tons and mounts seven tons of communications and monitoring equipment. This allows a commander to control his forces even while on the move, creating a C3 (Command, Communication and Contorl) unit.

MASH Cobra – This version is used to evacuate injured soldiers. The cargo bay is been converted to provide room for the wounded, and it carries a ton of paramedic equipment. The MASH name is something of a misnomer as it can only monitor patients while in transit, but can deliver the injured to a secure MASH facility.

Cobra Transport VTOL

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