Command Van


Command Van “Overland-Class” (15 tons)

Power Plant : GM 70 ICE
Cruise Speed : 43.2 kph (6)
Flank Speed : 64.8 kph (9)

Armor : StarSlab/4 (Armor Factor 96) : 4 tons
Front – 16
Right Side – 14
Left Side – 14
Rear – 12
Turret – 7

Armament : 1 Holly-5 LRM Launcher (Turret)
Ammo (LRM) 24 – (Body)
1 Sperry Browning MG (Front)
Ammo (MG) 200 – (Body)

Communicationms System : TharHes HQ CommSet
Manufacturer : Star League Defense Industries, Mars (Destroyed 2767)


Overview : Though a command van refers specifically to the wheeled ATV most Mech units employ as a mobile control center, the category includes any large, enclosed ATV used for civilian or military purposes.

Capabilities : A standard Mech unit command van has six solid rubber tires, is usually equipped with an on-board computer, tracking and medical equipment, and both surface-to-surface and surface-to-subspace communications linkups. Though command vans are kept away from battlefield situations as much as possible, they are moderately armored and usually equipped with both a roof-mounted LRM-5 and a front-mounted MG.

Deployment : Unlike a “true” mobile command vehicle, command vans are moderately popular though uncommonly encountered on the battlefield. They still remain a prize, however, for their wealth of strategic knowledge and technical staff, so are deployed behind enemy lines in a “safe-zone”. Almost every unit in the Inner Sphere has at least one command van in its forces, if only to maintain communication with their infantry scattered across the battlefield.

Variants : Most command vans were originally powered by fusion power plants, bu have been replaced with ICE engines in most cases. Some also replace the MG with a flamer, though the loss of the unit’s fusion drive makes this impractical in many cases.

Command Van

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