Command Van


Command Van “Overland-Class” (15 tons)

Chassis : UtilLight 15

Power Plant : GM 70 ICE
Cruise Speed : 43.2 kph (6)
Flank Speed : 64.8 kph (9)

Armor : StarSlab/4 (Armor Factor 96) : 4 tons
Front – 16
Right Side – 14
Left Side – 14
Rear – 12
Turret – 7

Armament :
One (1) Holly-5 LRM Launcher (Turret)
Ammo (LRM) 24 – (Body)
One (1) SperryBrowning MG (Front)
Ammo (MG) 200 – (Body)

Manufacturer : Various
Communications System : Various
Targeting and Tracking System : Various



Overview : Though a command van refers specifically to the wheeled ATV most Mech units employ as a mobile control center, the category includes any large, enclosed ATV used for civilian or military purposes.

Capabilities : A standard Mech unit command van has six solid rubber tires, is usually equipped with an on-board computer, tracking and medical equipment, and both surface-to-surface and surface-to-subspace communications linkups. Though command vans are kept away from battlefield situations as much as possible, they are moderately armored and usually equipped with both a roof-mounted LRM-5 and a front-mounted MG.

Deployment : Unlike a “true” mobile command vehicle, command vans are moderately popular though uncommonly encountered on the battlefield. Many are simply converted light utility vehicles, with locally produced chassis and electronics, and imported communications and weapons systems. They still remain a prize, however, for their wealth of strategic knowledge and technical staff, so are deployed behind enemy lines in a “safe-zone”. Almost every unit in the Inner Sphere has at least one command van in its forces, if only to maintain communication with their infantry scattered across the battlefield.

Variants : Most command vans were originally powered by fusion power plants, but have been replaced with ICE engines in most cases. Some also replace the MG with a flamer, though the loss of the unit’s fusion drive makes this impractical in many cases.

Command Van

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