Computer Station

Standard Civilian Control Station


These large, static computer stations can be found on-board starships, in corporate offices, in hospitals and even in some ground vehicles. Anywhere that complex or delicate machinery must be operated, or bulk information must be processed, a typical workstation can be found. The units are designed to easily adapt to other systems on the same network, allowing information to be freely accessed from one unit by any other, depending on local security settings.

Equipment Rating : C-B-A
Cost/Patch : 2500/-
AFF : Inner Sphere
Mass : 100 kgs
Power Use : Requires Power Pack or Plug; 5 PPH.

Notes : Non-portable.

These machines tend to have considerably more power at their disposal than a typical portacomp, though the demands of these resources typically run much higher as well. Most homes do not have such full-size workstations, instead using a network of machines similar in power to a portacomp.

Machines of this power tend to be reserved to major industrial centers, or in major civic government venues, such as a colony’s headquarters, and are generally only used by central authorities to run administrative or scientific/survey metabase applications.




EC-A Echelon

Manufactured with its origins in military design philosophy, the “EC-A Echelon” is the civilian entry of the small technological firm Corporaci√≥n de Alta Tecnolog√≠a para la Defensa. The system is unusually robust and compact for a civilian model, but serves its purposes well in manufacturing facilities as centers of control for an entire production line, where second-to-second calculations are valuable. This model, and its service contracts, have kept the company afloat, where its original military Universal Target Control Station (UTCS) Class-3100a has not faired as well in sales.

Computer Station

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