Consolidated Arms


A major corporation (possibly the most important corporation) in System-State – “The Unity of Promise” and nearby sectors of the Periphery, Consolidated Arms provides irreplaceable weapons systems for the armies of both the System State of Promise and other planetary forces in the region. Today, the company exports its wares widely, and is known for their inexpensive wares and their lack of questions as to where their weapons are headed.


Trade Symbol : ConSolArms
Home Office : System – Promise
President/CEO : William Hawkes
Founding Date : January 1st, 2611.

Although they produce a variety of ballistic and missile systems, their primary export is small arms, and chief among them is the popular Dissuader KD-30. It’s “Dust Devil” Large Tracked APCs are also a popular item, but clearly the biggest local seller are its Transport Helicopters and Medium Strike Fighter Aircraft.


Following the demand for munitions in the Hyades Rim, during the occupation by the Star League of the Concordat Worlds, the company was originally built as Wilson Energies Ltd., a company specializing in producing small arms laser weaponry. Their initial designs were further refined, producing advanced copies of their own weapons in both pistol and rifle form.

Demands for ballistics and missile munitions led to the company diversifying into these munitions development, and these proved even more popular among Periphery troops than their laser weaponry. The company’s MM7 SRM and MM9 LRM ballistics systems are still exported widely, and have proven very reliable. In addition, they have found their Dissuader KD-30 Auto-Pistol is an insanely popular small arm among local troopers, criminals and security detachments.

Larger manufactured items include standard superiority air fighters, air-defense systems, transport and combat helicopters, light tanks, and APCs. Their APC, Light Tank and Anti-Air vehicles are all based on a copy of the Scorpion Light Tank, using its chassis with an improved suspension as the basis for their development. The APC, known as the “Dust Devil” is a 40-ton model sporting an AC/2 on a turret, with an MG forward-facing, and room for a full platoon of infantry. The company’s aviation production makes-up half their total sales, and accounts for a large portion of the company’s efforts.

The company, however, faces an increasing debt, and a noted lack of trained manufacturing personnel. Skilled workers are increasingly leaving the world for better pay and other benefits, and the training of new technicians has proven difficult. Upgrades to the production line equipment as well as an off-world investment in training would go a long way into rectifying these problems.

In recent years, the company has survived largely due through its off-world sales, though recent state-sponsored internal arms orders have increased, making it an important arm of the nation-state’s economy.

Consolidated Arms

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