Corazón Airfield

Supply Station south of the District of Garcia


Corazón Airfield


Corazón Airfield Hangers

Corazón Airfield is a small airfield located in the heart of the Corazón Jungle. Secretly attached to * Castle Corazón as a formal airfield designed to cover resupply and maintain external observation of the area, Corazón Airfield is presently acting as a forward observation post for activities south of The District of Garcia, as well as a rally point for development of the forgotten * Castle Corazón nearby.

The site’s security is presently under the aegis of the 2nd Ghost Battalion “The Bronze Ghosts”. In addition, the Iron Dingoes Support Engineering Company is based from here, maintaining the local airfiled, and covertly providing logistics support for * Castle Corazón and leading its restoration efforts. Also, both the “Spearhead” and “Cutlass” have been placed at the airfield, allowing local infantry forces to rapidly relocate when required.


Castle Tunnel Train

The site is located about 5kms south-east from Castle Corazón, connected to it by an electrically-powered tunnel train system. The perimeter is surrounded by a handful (6 total) of smaller Gun Emplacements to deter casual intrusion. The site is not, however, intended for long-term defensive purposes, and can quickly be evacuated in case of a determined attack or siege, using the tunnels. A small rise on the site is also intended to be used for temporary artillery emplacements.

Only the main airfield and its attached warehouses and barracks are being used, however, granting monitoring of communications and air activity within 10kms of the airfield, giving complete coverage of the region around the Castle and heart of the jungle.

Attached to the site are the following assets:

Cerberus Command AeroSpace Support

- Corazón Airfield Technical Group -
2 “Hellbender” Jeeps (MG)
2 Communications Tech Squads (Vet, Green)

- Support Engineering Group - “The Burn-Outs”
1 Light Utility Transport
1 Technical Engineering Squad (Vet)
2 Tracked APCs (Flamer) : (Vet, Reg)
2 Squads Flamer Infantry (Vet, Reg)
1 “Unimog” Engineering Vehicle “Digger” (Vet)
1 M290 Industrial Bulldozer
2 Medium Industrial Front-End Loaders
2 Medium 5-ton Utility Dump Trucks
2 Loadmaster Exoskeletons

Fort Boomerang


Fort Boomerang Compound

Fort Boomerang : Built in late-3022, only 5 kms south of Corazón Airfield, Fort Boomerang is a training camp originally designed to support the large influx of troopers recruited during that year from across the planet. It is also seen as the first step in building * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, college.

The facility is a very simple affair consisting of a basic series of kitchens, a primitive hospital, barracks and storage facilities along the west side, and a motor pool and workshops on the east near the entrance. Between both is the actual training compound, an open concrete and timber construction for physical activity and ranged arms practice. The entire complex is surrounded by a series of metal cyclone fencing, with guard posts and timber surveillance towers. It can provide training for a complete battalion (roughly 300 troops) at any given time.

A very simple facility, it has one obvious purpose; to train people how to be soldiers. It was designed, however, to also cover the fact that the Airfield is being used for maintenance of the nearby * Castle Corazón facility. Fort Boomerang lies outside the defensive perimeter of the Castle and the Airfield, and its assets are described under the entry for * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences.

The * “Sangrian (Air-Mobile/Mechanized) Training Cadre” presently operates as the chief training force for infantry at the Fort Boomerang facility, based largely on their years of experience working with the Sangrian army, and their development as a good infantry training force, with actual combat experience.



Corazón Airfield was built by SLDF engineers in the years following the Reunification War, around 2600 AD, originally as the supply point for further construction efforts of Castle Corazón. The facility was stripped and abandoned at some point around the Great Exodus (roughly 2784), when its nearby Castle was also stripped and abandoned. Although forces may have visited the site sometime over the last decade, looting the facility of anything of value that remained, it is now under the control of the Iron Dingoes, who have chosen to place the facility as a priority in their future occupation of The District of Garcia.

Built in 3022, Fort Boomerang was designed as the first step in building the local military college, * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences. The facility still trains the unit’s newest infantry, and as of early-3023 many of the trainees are regularly transferred to assignments across the unit, with only a handful often taking advanced training as techs and paramedics.

In early-3026, the Fort Boomerang facility began training the remnants of the 21st (Motorized) Rifle Regiment (MRR), a task taking many months, while their dependents began processing for lives in the Dingoes own landholds.

In early-3028, the * “Sangrian (Air-Mobile/Mechanized) Training Cadre” took residence at the Fort Boomerang facility, operating as the primary training group for future training efforts, specifically targeting the up-coming training efforts of The Commonwealth Star Guards.

Throughout 3029, the location became the training grounds for the 4th (Jump) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Yarará”, while they adapted to their new Jump Packs. In 3030 it was host to both the * Dangerous Operations Group (DOG) and the 1st Special Forces Group – “Red Shields”, and operated as their base during those unit’s training and vetting process. Although crowded, the site proved invaluable in these efforts.

Corazón Airfield

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