Standard Combat AeroFighter


Corsair (50 tons)

CHassis : Wangker II

Power Plant : GM 200
Cruise Speed :62.4 kph (6)
Flank Speed : 94.9 kph (9)
Heat Sinks – 16

Armor : Wangker Corsair Standard (Armor Factor 216) : 13.5 tons
Nose – 73
Right Wing – 50
Left Wing – 50
Aft – 43

Armament :
Two (2) Exostar Large Lasers (Nose)
Two (2) Martell Medium Lasers (RW, LW)
Four (4) Exostar Small Lasers (2xNose, 2xAft)

Manufacturer : Wangker Aerospace, Axton, Federated Suns
Communications System : Ranker 100B
Targeting & Tracking System : Ranker TA800


Overview : Looking to replace the horrific losses it suffered during the Amaris Civil War, the Star League Defense Force commissioned Wangker AeroSpace to produce a new, easy-to-refit AeroFighter. Within months, Wangker was producing the Corsair, a design that had been shelved for decades in favour of more advanced fighters. The fact that Wangker already had a working prototype in mothballs when the Star League contacted them, allowed the Corsair to proliferate quickly in the five years prior to Kerensky’s exodus.

Despite the existence of a working prototype, the Corsair had many problems. Faulty life-support, rupturing fuel tanks, and defective landing gear would have killed many other projects, but the initial prototype’s tests were so good, the Star League allowed the fighter into service while Wangker attempted to hotfix the issues.

Capabilities : The compact laser systems and sleek shape made the Corsair a superb AeroSpace Fighter in atmosphere, rivaling many conventional atmospheric fighters. The lasers, all eight of them, also give the fighter a lethal punch, making it dangerous to ground units. The thirteen-and-a-half tons of armor plate prevent many Corsairs from being destroyed by heavy return fire from enemy anti-aircraft units. To cool the energy weapons, sixteen heat sinks are mounted, allowing the primary lasers to fire continuously while the secondary weapons can fire with only marginal heat build-up.

Deployment : House Davion, finding itself in possession of almost all Corsair production lines, immediately began distributing it to its various aerospace forces. It quickly became the favoured medium fighter of the Federated Suns. Though some production facilities were destroyed, Wangker was able to rebuild the line of Axion using salvage from its other facilities. Though raided and damaged several times during the Succession Wars, Wangker has been able to rebuild and re-open the facility every time.

House Marik was able to capture a single Corsair production line on Connaught. However, only a few hundred were produced for the League military, before the line was destroyed by the opening salvos of the First Succession War, and these all fell into the hands of the Principality of Regulus.

Variants : Very few variants of this popular AeroFighter exist, due to pilots preferring the original configuration. Members of the 42nd Avalon Hussars have removed the Corsair’s secondary weapons for a single SRM-6 Pack and have dubbed it the V20.

The Regulan aerospace forces have attempted to preserve the handful of remaining Corsairs the V12Ms, by removing a single large laser for several more heat sinks and more armor. Though this increases its dog-fighting ability, though many dislike the reduction in raw firepower.


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