Sonic Blade

Rare Military Vibro-Blade


The Vibrosword is a larger version of the personal Vibroblade, a special type of melee weapon whose blade vibrates at an extremely high frequency, allowing it to penetrate both flesh and armor. Bulkier than a traditional sword, the blade’s vibration also creates a distinctive hum which can alert an attentive opponent. While difficult to find, the vibrosword is a popular weapon, with many special forces deploying the weapon.

The vibrosword is generally wielded with two hands, although some people are strong and large enough to wield them with one hand and carry two of them. This is, however, quite rare.


Sonic Blade

The Duchy of Horn has redesigned this blade from its original military standards, using detailed blueprints available to them, shortening and stylizing the the blade to their own preferences, calling it the “Sonic Blade”. Under these standards, the blade has the following stats to its equipment rating:

Equipment Rating : D-D-D
AP/BD : 6M/3
Range : Melee (1m)
Shots : 1 PPS
Cost/Reload : 400/*
AFF : Horn Industries, * “The Iron Dingoes”
Mass/Reload : 2.5 kgs/*

Notes : Weapon uses micro battery packs for ammunition.


Like all vibro-weapons, it is dangerous to use vibroswords against electrical weapons, as they conducted electricity, therefore, electrocuting the user of the sword. Though electrocution is obviously not the primary concern, electricity traveling up the length of the blade could connect with the weapon’s energy cell and ultrasonic vibration generator. The result would be a miniature explosion with enough force to take off the user’s hand.

The vibrosword model that was commonly used during the Star League-era contained “cortosis-weave”, granting it deflecting abilities which made it more effective against the numerous sword-wielding opponents, such as space marines during that era. The vibrosword model used during the post-Star League eras does not contain this “cortosis” enhancement, and such is considered LosTech by today’s standards.

Variants of the vibrosword included the high-tech vibro-katana used by Kuritan DEST agents, and the high-tech Barracuda assault blade, popular in Liao space.



The Cosmic Knife is a commercial-grade vibro-blade made from a “space age” Saturnite alloy. Cosmic Knives are advertised to be super-sharp, all-purpose kitchen knives that won’t chip or dull.

Equipment Rating : D-C-C
AP/BD : 6M/2
Range : Melee (1m)
Shots : 1 PPS
Cost/Reload : 150/*
AFF : System – Dumassas
Mass/Reload : 450 grams/*

Notes : Weapon uses micro battery packs for ammunition.

Originally designed as an export item during the height of the 3rd Succession War, the initial production lines were developed in the late 2900s, out of The Free-City of Von Doom’s Downport, seeing a great deal of popular use, despite certain misgivings about their potentially lethal use in commercial markets.

Though lightweight and durable, the Cosmic Knife proved to be too sharp for their own good, able to cut a person’s thumb off if they were careless, as stated by its highly visible advertising campaigns, and even slice through cutting boards with no effort. Concerns were raised about the safety and necessity of having these knives on the open market, but Everard Sinclair insisted that only quality mattered.

Cosmic Knives are also found to have incredible heat retention, able to stay super-hot for hours after being heated over a stove. However, they are much more brittle when heated, and if left on an un-insulated surface, they would melt right through.

In 2948, Everard Sinclair moved the entire production line to his inherited landhold at * Sierra Madre Casino & Villa. Though the end product was of very high quality, and included a small production line for fusion micro-batteries, the equipment being used was very poor and production difficulties were constant as the line constantly suffered break-downs. The knives continued to sell well for many decades, however, and the fortune of the family was maintained until recently by the owner of the facility, Douglas Sinclair.

Following the Succession Wars, many of these knives found their way into the hands of the military and civilian forces, who use them as weapons against any unfortunates they might encounter. Due to production difficulties, the blade remains uncommon, at best, but highly prized by its owners.

In mid-3023, the Iron Dingoes gained control over the production lines for the Cosmic Knife, and exported their production to The Duchy of Horn where they are being reworked and rebuilt in a private facility owned directly by Baron Jemmas. He has chosen to convert the lines to their original design, a military vibrosword for the use of his own forces, and export to off-world concerns.

In mid-3026, despite initial production difficulties, the Cosmic Blade vibro-sword began its official production run, and quickly proliferated among Horn’s own military services. By year’s end, the company began limited export off-world to passing merchant interests, but also extended their sales to * Duchy of Tharn and its military concerns. The weapon was easily accepted by the military of Tharn.

Today, the company produces a healthy number of the devices mostly tagged for off-world export. Their virtually exclusive use in Horn’s own military, as well as that of the * Tharn Iron Legions has increasingly helped make them among the most feared military forces on the planet.

Sonic Blade

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