Crater-Class ATV

Environmentally Sealed Rover


Crater-Class ATV – (8 tons)

Power Plant : VirPlas 35 Electric (Fuel Cells)
Cruise Speed : 43.2 kph (4)
Flank Speed : 64.0 kph (6)

Armor : VirCon Ceramic (Armor Factor 13) : 0.5 tons
Front – 4
Right Side – 3
Left Side – 3
Rear – 3
Turret – None

Armament : None
Cargo : 2.0 tons (1 Door)

Communications System : Various
Manufacturer : Various

Notes : Environmentally sealed. 30-km radio system. 3 km Radar sensors. Vehicle has a single bunk for long-term use by its crew.


Overview : The Crater-Class ATV is a light all-terrain vehicle used for extended ground exploration of hostile environments. In addition to having life support and fuel cells capable of operating 240 hours before recharging, its lightweight construction allows it to be carried aboard most any vessel for use on planetary moons or large asteroids.

Capabilities : The lightweight frame and simple chassis allows the vehicle to be produced cheaply and easily by most industrialized nations, and has allowed the vehicle to be retained by many national armories and frontier facilities throughout the centuries. In fact, its rugged construction and polymer shell has made it popular as an excursion craft, and the vehicle remains virtually unchanged beyond simple electronics upgrades since the fall of the Star League.

Deployment : Ideally suited to use on airless moons, the vehicle is often seen in frontier facilities, and even sees use as a starport transport, particularly due to its electric engine and fuel cells, allowing it to be recharged without direct access to refined petroleum. New Earth Trading Company has continued to build and develop the vehicle, and remains a staple of wherever they might be found distributing their other quality products. Other smaller planetary firms often build the vehicles off-license, making it very widespread across the Inner Sphere and even the Periphery.

Variants With little to interest military buyers, the vehicle is rarely modified beyond its standard civilian models, though some mining companies will arm the vehicle with a support laser and allow the vehicle to also do security duty at their private facilities.

Crater-Class ATV

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