“Cutlass” – Fury-Class Dropship

Type : Aerodyne (Military)
Tonnage : 1850 tons
Dimensions :
Length : 79.0m
Height : 28.1m
Width : 73.2m
Crew : 8 (4e, 2p, 2 se)
Skeleton Crew : Bridge 1p+1se; Engine 1e+1se
Bridge 27 tons
Cargo Complement : .
Bay 1 : Vehicles (8 Light) – 1 Door 200 tons
Bay 2 : Infantry (4 Foot Platoons) – 1 Door XXX tons
Bay 3 : Cargo (497.5 tons) 497.5 tons

Life Boats : 0
Escape Pods : 8

Armament : 2 PPC, 2 LRM-20, 8xML.
Ammunition : 8 tons of LRM ammo.
Drive System : HyperDyne 211 400 tons
Heat Sinks 56 + 22 56 tons
Thrust : 4
Overthrust : 6
Structural Integrity : 7
Fuel : 10 Thrust-Points (1.65 tons per Burn-Day) 140 tons
First Introduced : 2638
Armor Factor (16 points per ton) 30 tons
Nose – 90 PPC, 2xML
Right Side – 140 LRM-20, 2xML
Left Side – 140 LRM-20, 2xML
Fuselage – 160
Engine – 60 PPC, 2xML


The Fury-Class DropShip is one of the smallest DropShips operated by the armies of the Succession States. Massing 1850 tons, this agile craft is designed to carry four platoons of infantry, and a handful of light armored vehicles, into the battlefield.

The ship’s interior is divided into five major decks. The lowest deck is taken up almost exclusively by the ship’s drives and fuel tankage. At the forward end and beneath the ship’s nose is a long ramp for loading and off-loading personnel and equipment. Access to the forward-facing ramp is from a second ramp on the deck above it. When not in use, the lower ramp retracts behind a pair of heavy, hull metal doors, and the upper one raises flush with deck two.

In addition to housing the inner excursion ramp, the second deck is the main troop deck. It contains the bunkrooms for three of the four infantry platoons carried aboard ship. Also located on this deck is a large ready room and a separate mess facility. Behind the crew section is the large cargohold. Measuring roughly 21mx19mx4m, the hold is lined with storage lockers and tie-down hooks. The open central deck is large enough to fit up to eight light vehicles, or an equivalent amount of equipment, massing up to 200 tons. The main entrance is through a large door that also serves as a sturdy ramp when open.

The major drawback is that the ramp is so steep that some vehicles have difficulty driving up it. In case of an emergency, a set of steel cable winches have been mounted in the floor of the cargo bay next to the ramp. Access to these is through a set of removable floor plates.

The third deck includes quarters for the fourth infantry platoon, the laundry, waste recycling facilities, and a small recreation room. Because of the small size of the rec room, entry is allowed only to those with a pass. Platoon lieutenants issue these passes to troops on a rotational basis.

The four infantry platoons are divided up into four troop bays, one for each platoon. Bunks are stacked up three-high along the walls of each bay, and each bunk has a small storage locker and a number of drawers for personal effects. Each bay also provides washroom and gear storage facilities. Lieutenants each have fold-away desks and chairs for handling administrative business. The unit’s Company Commander and First Sergeant share a tiny room on deck four.

Because of the limited amount of space aboard ship, the crew shares a small bunk room. The accommodations are slightly better than for the troops. Each person shares a double-bunk and has a large personal locker with a built-in dresser. Each bed has a built-in reading lamp and personal effects drawers. The crew washroom is slightly larger than those used by the troops. The DropShip’s command pilot and first pilot also share a tiny bunk room located on deck four near the crew quarters.

Three Fury vessels often operate in conjunction with armor-carrying Gazelle-Class DropShips. Though it lacks adequate protection for raids and planetary assaults, it is often used for such missions. Larger vessels, such as the Condor and Triumph, are too valuable and too vulnerable to rick in such roles. At least one Leopard-Class CV usually escorts Fury-Class ships to make up for the latter’s lack of Fighter-carrying capacity.

Fury-Class DropShips are normally deployed in a tight formation 20,000 to 50,000 kms behind the main DropShip assault force. This formation allows all three Fury-Class DropShips to concentrate their firepower on the attacking group. If the formation is disrupted, enemy AeroFighters can single out one ship at a time.

The Cutlass was the smallest of ships in the pirate fleet under Starlord Cyr Milligan, but one of its most valuable, allowing him to engage in small pirate raids. It was captured by * “The Iron Dingoes” in System – Tashrakaar on Sept 20th, 3025.

As of early-3026, the vessel was assigned as a support unit for * “The Cerberus Command”, to haul the large numbers of infantry falling under the Iron Dingoes large infantry force.


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