Daimyo HQ 67-K

Kuritan Mobile Command Post


“Daimyo” HQ 67-K (50 tons)

Power Plant : Vlar 230 Fusion
Cruise Speed : 57.3 kph (6)
Flank Speed : 82.6 kph (9)

Armor : StarSlab/3 (Armor Factor 112) : 7.0 tons
Front – 34
Right Side – 22
Left Side – 22
Rear – 15
Turret – 19

Armament :
One (1) RAMTech 1200 Large Laser (Turret)
Four (4) Type 87 Machine Guns (Turret)
Ammo (MG) – 100 (Body)
Cargo (Infantry) – Platoon Jump Infantry (Body)

Communications Equipment : 7 tons
Cargo : 0.5 tons

Manufacturer : Buda Imperial Vehicles, Buda, Draconis Combine
Communications System : Sipher Battlesys 5.2
Targetting and Tracking System : Eagle Eye VY 9-3

Notes : The use of this vehicle grants various bonuses to its allied force:

Possessing massive communications capabilities, the MHQ provides a +1 initiative bonus for possessing 3-6 tons of equipment, and +2 initiative bonus for possessing a full 7 tons of communications equipment (TO p194).

A MHQ has the ability to try and identify if a generic satellite is available for establishing communications. Use of this ability removes the bonus to initiative for the round in question. (TO p194).

The unit’s force may employ an ECM/ECCM field equal to 1/2x for 3-6 tons, or 1x for 7 full tons of equipment available. Use of this ability precludes any communications or other ability in a given round. (TM p212, TO p195-6, SO p314).

In a Battleforce scenario, an allied command gains up to 7 additional Command Points as long as the unit remains in play (SO p265, p351).


Overview : Originally designed by Engineer Frank Bueren, the Daimto MHQ was intended to allow a battlefield commander to communicate with units at the theater level. In order to compete with other manufacturers, he designed it to fulfill its role while making sure it could defend itself. Not being one to compromise on quality, Beuren incorporated the best available technology into the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the Daimyo MHQ gained a stigma shortly after production began. In late 2796, the majority orders issued to units on Kentares were from the coordinator himself. In the first two months of the Kentares Massacre, Coordinator Jinjiro Kurita watched the executions on the monitors inside his Daimyo. Once Jinjiro started attending these executions, horrified members of the crew passed off recordings to the local ComStar representative, who then made certain that they were broadcast to the rest of the Inner Sphere. When news reached Coordinator Jinjiro, he and his Otomo put the entire crew of teh vehicle to the sword.

Capabilities : The Daimyo MHQ has the same command capabilities as other mobile command posts with a couple of notable exceptions. The most important is, the vehicle has expandable sides. When these are contracted, the vehicle is capable of command and control functions at flank speed. There is only room for the command crew, however, and its capabilities are somewhat diminished.

When expanded, the Daimyo MHQ acts as a fixed command center. Communications and control stations are evenly placed in each side of the vehicle to keep its weight evenly distributed. As each side deploys, a holotank is revealed at the front of the vehicle and the interior portion is doubled. The sophisticated Sipher Battlesys command computer feeds constant real-time updates to the holotank. This powerful piece of equipment allows the Commander to command operations ranging from orbital defense and large Mech operations to the management of Black Ops missions.

Armed with a turret mounted RAMTech Large Laser and four Type-87 machine guns, the Daimyo MHQ has a defensive armament superior to other MHQ vehicles. It can also carry a full platoon of jump infantry.

Deployment : Like other mobile headquarters, the few remaining Daimyo MHQ units in service tend to be only partially operational; most undergo constant refits to update software and keep the vehicles in working order, but centuries of use often leave them missing vital electronic components.

Variants : There are no known variants of the Daimyo MHQ.

Daimyo HQ 67-K

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