Data Core - Decimator 397

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Each Watchdog Secuirty Robot is considered a seperate entity, and as time passes these robots tend to get “twitchy”, developing their own personalities, most quickly being consumed with rage and anger at the constant intruders into “their” domain.

Decimator 397 is one such creature. Placed in a maintenance cycle for almost 200 years, this entity has feelings of inferiority, which it uses to strike back at “intruders” to its main core. Possessing a capable collection of defensive programs, “Dezzy” (as the Dingoes programmers call him) has proven very resistant to hacking attempts.

Equipment Rating : F-F-F
Cost/Reload : 100,000 Cs
AFF : Star League
Mass/Reload : 300.0 kgs

Notes : Can be hooked to computers and scientific research equipment to gain a very large potential data storage device, including basic raw data, audio, audio-video, and holo-vid mediums.


Taken from a Watchdog Secuirty Robot named (according to its own hardware data tags) “Decimator 397”, found in the bowels of Depot 519 on the Periphery planet of Dunkelheim. Presently the device stores the entire personality and programming profile for this AI, and seems hard-wired into its base core.

The device is presently considered a hostile entity, and its future as a potential storage device for “Cortana” remains in question.

In mid-February, 3021, Doctor Max Helmut “Moxie” took an especial interest in Decimator, particularly later in the month, after finding a lost and rare SLDF technical “work” paper talking about how to decompile an AI. It is his personal mission to see about finding a means to download Dezzy’s personality sufficient to clear the core as a housing for either scientific data or as a future means of housing “Cortana”.

The entire core was reworked by Moxie, and now serves as the repository for a large star map of the Inner Sphere, with particular details of the Hyades Rim and nearby systems being very closely detailed and accurate. It is believed the personality of “Decimator” has been carefully partitioned.

Data Core - Decimator 397

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