Deadwood Special "Longhorn" Hunting Rifle

Art that can kill at half a kilometer

weapon (ranged)

Another popular product from the smaller foundries in Deadwood, this rifle is popular among militia forces across Claybrooke, and has seen some popularity as a “Hunting Rifle” among local nobles in the nearby constellation. Andurien military officers and nobles alike prize the weapon for its simplicity, greater penetration and the fact its downright pretty.

Using a longer and thinner shell than the “Ulysses”, this gun still employs special ammunition that is heavier than traditionally available. It still has a punch superior to most any other rifle its size, and unlike the Ulysses, uses an internal magazine that can be breach-fed. Plated in silver, like the Ulysses, it is a work of art to its owner, and has great export value. The weapon, however, has a strong recoil, and most shooters find it throws their aim off.

Equipment Rating : B-C-C
AP/BD : 5B/6
Range : 20/60/160/400
Shots : 6
Cost/Reload : 250/6 Cs
AFF : Claybrooke Militia
Mass/Reload : 5 kg/100 g

Notes : -2 to attack roles


Named for a popular species of cattle from the lower plains region, the “Longhorn” is another export item that has been less popular among the manufacturers, but is attracting attention. The planetary militias seem to love the simplicity of the weapon, since parts for it can be readily made in most of the urban centers across the planet. The silver-plate export version is popular, if only because they look wonderful. While certainly not able to stand up to raw, focused firepower of assault rifles, their punch makes up for it with the ability to crack through even steel-hardened kevlar body armor. Though lacking the range of a true sniper rifle, many see this weapon as a “trench-gun”, and use them at static installations for garrison troops as well as formal weapons in parade formations.

The PCs recently captured a shipment of these guns and ammunition from the cargo of “The Torpedoe”, bound for Colonel Chestine’s burgeoning military forces…

Deadwood Special "Longhorn" Hunting Rifle

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