Deadwood Special "Metal Storm" Light Support Machine Gun

Acka-Acka from Deadwood

weapon (ranged)

The oldest support weapon in the Inner Sphere, the machine gun remains popular. Using a distinctive rotary impulse firing system, it is capable of bursts of high-intensity bursts of gunfire that would rattle anyone in even the hardest bunker. Simple and inexpensive, it remains very popular across the Inner Sphere in many forms and purposes.

The Deadwood Special “Metal Storm” uses a light ammunition typical in the Marik Commonwealth, and can be employed equally well as an infantry support weapon or as a BattleMech weapon, though it is lighter than traditional models.

In any case, its multiple-barrel design coupled with its size and power, requires them to be used with gyroscopic harnesses or on tripods, when employed by infantry; while potentially mobile, they are still rather large and bulky to ground troops. The BattelMech version is simply the same weapon, but additional gyroscopes, clamps and feed mechanisms greatly increase the weight of the unit.

Infantry Scale

Equipment Rating : C-C-C
AP/BD : 5B/5B
Range : 45/100/250/635
Shots : 100
Cost/Reload : 1750/5 Cs
AFF : Claybrooke Militia
Mass/Reload : 50 kgs/5 kgs

Notes : Burst 20, Recoil -2, Crew 2

BattleMech Scale

Damage Value : 1
Range : 1-2/3-4/5-6
Shots : 200
Cost/Reload : 5000/5 Cs
Mass/Reload : 1 ton/5 kgs

Notes : -


Designed and built in the primary weapons foundry in Deadwood, this light support machine gun has a deceptive title. Originally meant to arm the planet’s countless number of Type-74 “Buffalo” Hover Transports, it soon began to find other uses. Ranging from infantry support weapons to BattleMech armaments and static gun emplacements, the weapon has found many uses and is extremely popular in the militias of Claybrooke. Further interest has begun to develop, making the gun a popular export item to the Andurien military, and to nearby planetary militias.

The PCs acquired several of these items, along with blueprint schematics for their production in the cargo of the Torpedoe, and have turned them back over to Milo Carsbloom.

Deadwood Special "Metal Storm" Light Support Machine Gun

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