Deadwood Special "Ulysses" Revolver

Who says art can't kill?

weapon (ranged)

Each of these revolvers has been lovingly hand-crafted in the smaller factories and gun-foundries of Deadwood, following the now-standardized pattern of the “Ulysses” patent. They are plated in fine silver and each bears the mark of its personal gunsmith.

Using a high-caliber, but short round for ammunition, these monsters can punch a hole through even iridium plate armor and still have enough energy to seriously harm its targets. Due to the muzzle-velocity of this weapon, it has sufficient recoil that most shooters fire slightly off.

Equipment Rating : C-B-B
AP/BD : 5B/5
Range : 8/18/45/100
Shots : 6
Cost/Reload : 150/5 Cs
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 750 g/100 g

Notes : -1 to attack roll


Designed originally by Deadwood Industries as a potential collector’s item, the “Ulysses” brand of hand revolver has proven to be a popular seller. Named for a dead Terran general, the gun has developed sufficient interest, that it is widely exported across the planet, and often makes its way into the hands of officers from nearby planetary militias, including the Andurien military. It comes in both a silver-plate and a chromed version, though the silver-plate model is the only one exported off-world.

The PCs recently captured a shipment of these guns from the cargo of “The Torpedoe”, bound for Colonel Chestine’s burgeoning military forces…

Deadwood Special "Ulysses" Revolver

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