Defiance Industries Heavy Environment Suit


Also known as a “Hostile” Environment Suit, this complete kit clothes its wearer similar to a diving suit used in deep water exploration. It is intended for use in extremely hostile environments where temperatures and/or pressures vary widely from Earth-Norm. The Heavy Environmental Suit is actually powered by miniature actuators and myomers similar to those used on a BattleMech, but on a much smaller scale. They are the favorite of colonial troops stationed as garrison forces on Periphery worlds, or assigned to trade missions along its edges.

Equipment Rating : D-E-B
BAR : 5/4/3/3
Cost/Patch : 10,000/75
AFF : -
Mass : 18 kg
Coverage : Full

Notes : Encumbering; includes Military Comm (10 kms), and 6-Hour Life Support; BAR 5 vs Flash.


The Defiance Industries Heavy Envro-Suit is a fairly popular set of protective gear used in exploration and colonial efforts among toxic atmospheres. The main selling point of the suit is its fully enclosed status, including a respirator and goggles that allow for 6 hours of independent activity away from a DropShip or outpost. Many operators carry spare tanks to switch out and extend their work efforts.

The general nature of the suit is actually a selling point, as each planet has its own failings and having a baseline generalization in the suits’ abilities allows it to be employed almost anywhere. Perhaps its greatest weakness, however, is its price tag; 10,000 Cs represents a typical Periphery mercenary infantry or technicians wages for a year, making them fairly out of reach to equip a planetary militia force.


Rim Aerosapce “RA Forge”

In late-3028, Rim AeroSpace released production of its own cloned version of this suit, calling it the “RA Forge”. Functionally similar, the suit is an expansion of the companies research into extreme cold-weather environment suits, and bears many of these original design elements, simply improved with a heavy ceramic sheath to protect joints and key electronic components from highly toxic and other environments. The suit comes with both a “Burner” and a “Chiller” module that pumps either hot or cool liquids through its internal one-piece layer to match the needs of the environment.

Many point to the development being an extension of Rim Aerosapce’s personal agenda to recover their lost production assets on Anatar, and the suit seems designed to indeed test the limits of that world’s poisoned atmosphere. While the suit has been publicly offered to any interested parties, there are few that trust the suit, rather preferring the tried and true version from Defiance Industries.

Defiance Industries Heavy Environment Suit

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