Defiance Industries Heavy Environment Suit


Also known as a “Hostile” Environment Suit, this complete suit clothes its wearer similar to a diving suit used in deep water exploration. It is intended for use in extremely hostile environments where temperatures and/or pressures vary widely from Earth-Norm. The Heavy Environmental Suit is actually powered by actuators and myomers similar to those used on a BattleMech, but on a much miniaturized scale. They are the favorite of colonial troops stationed as garrison forces on Periphery worlds, or assigned to trade missions along its edges.

Equipment Rating : D-E-B
BAR : 5/4/3/3
Cost/Patch : 10,000/75
AFF : -
Mass : 18 kg
Coverage : Full

Notes : Encumbering; includes Military Comm (10 kms), and 6-Hour Life Support; BAR 5 vs Flash.


The Defiance Industries Heavy Envro-Suit is a fairly popular set of protective gear used in exploration and colonial efforts among toxic atmospheres. The main selling point of the suit is its fully enclosed status, including a respirator and goggles that allow for 6 hours of independent activity away from a DropShip or outpost. Many operators carry spare tanks to switch out and extend their work efforts.

The general nature of the suit is actually a selling point, as each planet has its own failings and having a baseline generalization in the suits’ abilities allows it to be employed almost anywhere. Perhaps its greatest weakness, however, is its price tag; 10,000 Cs represents a MechWarrior’s salary for half-a-year, making the suits difficult to acquire for a common infantryman.

Defiance Industries Heavy Environment Suit

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